NCB said the proportion of borrowers with a minimum debt load in Russia

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The proportion of borrowers with low debts on 1 July 2018 in Russia rose to 30.96% from 28.1% a year earlier, amounting to about 13.5 million people, according to a study by the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki), which is available to RIA Novosti.

Under the current debt load means the ratio of monthly payments on all loans to the monthly income (international name — PTI). The study is based on data 4.1 thousands of creditors, transmit the information in the NCB.

«The share of borrowers current debt load which is at least 10%, in the period from July last year increased by 2.86 percentage points and was 30.96% (about 13.5 million) of the total number of borrowers, on 1 July last year, the proportion was 28,10%,» — said NCB.

The largest share of these borrowers was recorded in Moscow (35,7%), Rostov (35,1%), Moscow (34,8%), Bryansk (34,6%) and Kurgan (34,5%). At the same time, the lowest percentage of citizens, whose PTI is set at less than 10% recorded in Kirov (23.9%) and Orenburg (24,2%), the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania (25,6%) and in Kostroma and Amur areas (26.3 per cent).

The study’s authors write that the proportion of citizens with a high level of over-indebtedness (PTI over 60%), on the contrary, decreased — at the reporting date it is made up 7.16% (about 3 million) of the total number of borrowers, a decrease for the year 0.74 percentage points.

«In General, the level of debt load of the Russian borrowers remains at an acceptable level, it is sufficient to actively growing proportion of citizens with a low level of debt load. For these borrowers, the current situation with debt servicing does not contain any significant risks. Moreover, is steadily decreasing and the proportion of the most indebted borrowers who have to service loan obligations, account for over 60% of monthly income» is given in the message words of the General Director nbki Alexander Vikulina.