Passengers can be allowed not to weigh the lady’s bags and briefcases

CC0 / Pixabay / StockSnap / Passengers in the cabin. Archival photoPassengers can be allowed not to weigh the lady’s bags and briefcasesCC0 / Pixabay / StockSnap /

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation proposes the deletion of portfolios and handbags of the list of things required to weigh-in when boarding the plane, the backpacks will remain in this list, to be prepared by the office of the project.

«When you register and/or the boarding gate a passenger at the request of the carrier is obliged to present for weighing hand Luggage, except handbags, briefcase, bunch of flowers, outerwear, baby food for the child at the time of the flight suit in the garment bag, crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, foldable wheelchairs, medications, special dietary needs,» reads the draft on amendments to Federal aviation regulations, published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

As can be seen from the current order of Ministry of transport, at the moment the passenger at check-in and when boarding the airline must present for weighing all hand Luggage, including backpack, briefcase, purse, baby crib or a stroller, crutches.

Thus, from the current list of things needing to weigh will remain, including, backpack, carry-cot or pushchair.

New rules on hand baggage in the airplane entered into force in November last year. Thus, the free baggage allowance hand Luggage set by the airline, may not be less than five kilograms. In addition, the passenger is entitled to bring a number of things, including a handbag or backpack. Weight and dimensions of a backpack airlines can install yourself. In addition, carriers have the right to require the passenger to weigh their hand Luggage.

Passengers can be allowed not to weigh the lady’s bags and briefcases© Infographical behavior at the airport and onboard the aircraft