President of the festival «Window to Europe» told about the objective of the festival

© RIA Novosti / Igor Samoilovite in fotobasketball Window to Europe in Vyborg. Archival photoPresident of the festival «Window to Europe» told about the objective of the festival© RIA Novosti / Igor Samoilovite the image Bank

The President of the Russian film festival «Window to Europe», the famous film critic and film critic Armen Medvedev believes that the main task of the Vyborg film festival is to present the broadest possible panorama of contemporary Russian cinema.

At the festival «Window to Europe» which will pass in Vyborg from August 10th to 16th, will be shown about 130 paintings.

«This year in the competition «feature film. Autumn premiere» has developed a large and diverse program. It included five debuts, four documentary filmmakers, who release their second full-length film, as well as works by experienced authors – Alexander Veledinsky, Oksana Karas, Alexandra Spent and Alexander Shein,» — said Medvedev in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He noted that while in the competition dominated by «men’s cinema»: of the 14 competition films, only four established Directors-women.

As for the subject, then, according to Medvedev, the majority of films devoted to the problems of modernity, the search for young heroes of their journey. But presents and paintings that takes the viewer into the recent past of the country – 20-30-ies and the war years, the turn of the 60-70-ies and 80-ies of the twentieth century.

«There are movies with strong scripts and interesting in your search forms, and cinematic language. All pictures taken in a variety of genres – a psychological drama and a tragic Comedy, a biopic and black Comedy, melodrama and the film adaptation, experimental film at the crossroads of formats — feel your style, its special intonation,» — said the President.

According to Medvedev, the sixth year is the competitive program of films created in cooperation of Russian and foreign filmmakers.

«This year in the competition «co-production. Window of the world» includes three documentaries, five games and one animated feature film. The geography of our competition: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, United States,» — said the President of the film forum.

Medvedev noted that in other programmes of the festival will feature films from different regions of Russia – Yakutia, Tatarstan, Buryatia.

«In our traditional competition «the Vyborg account» includes not only pictures of our films competition, but the films of award-winning Russian and international film festivals. Thus, we will try to present the broadest possible panorama of contemporary Russian cinema», — said Medvedev.