Sakhalin parliamentarians suggested to hold the race between Russia and the United States

© Photo : Press service of the government of Ivanovo oblastyami. Archive photoSakhalin parliamentarians suggested to hold the race between Russia and the United States© Photo : Press service of the government of Ivanovo region

Sakhalin parliamentarians have proposed to organize Intercontinental swim across the Bering Strait with the participation of professionals and Amateurs of Russia and the United States, said Tuesday RIA Novosti, the speaker of the Sakhalin regional Duma Andrey Hapochkin.

Earlier it was reported that the parliamentarians of Sakhalin took part in the annual meeting of the Russian-American Pacific partnership (ratop) in anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, which discussed the development of business relations in joint projects for oil and gas industry cooperation in the energy sphere, small aircraft, preservation of traditions, culture and employment the indigenous inhabitants of the regions of the two countries.

«In addition to participating in the forum ratop, which took place in Alaska, we met with colleagues from the local state legislator. They were interested in our proposal to «break the ice» in relations between the US and Russia and hold a relay race between the superpowers», — said the politician.

According to the speaker, Sakhalin has had the experience of organizing such events.

«Now we are preparing the 35-kilometer relay swim from Korsakov in the Bay, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the end of the Second world war. It would be logical for such an interesting format to broadcast on the Bering Strait. The distance between our countries — the Russian island of Ratmanov island and Kruzenstern — only four kilometers», — shared his idea Andrew Hapochkin.

According to the speaker of the island, Sakhalin, in addition to issues of the economy and the budget, were interested in the experience of Alaska in legislation for the development of tourism, recreational fishing, construction of highways, sanitary and accompanying tourist infrastructure and mechanisms for their maintenance and preservation.

«A very interesting experience of our neighbors in the use of small aircraft, recycling and waste approach to recreational fisheries, tourism. Our American colleagues were impressed by the forms of the state support of Sakhalin and Kuril Islands residents, particularly those in the region of five forms of maternity capital», — he added.

Ratop bills itself as the only forum the public and private sectors aimed at the development of cooperation between the American West and the Russian East. Members of the organization are tens of companies in Russia and the United States.