Summer weather in Moscow will last for most of August

© RIA Novosti / Fedorenko to Vladimirpenelo in fotobanka in Moscow. Archival photoSummer weather in Moscow will last for most of August© RIA Novosti / Fedorenko to Vladimirpenelo the image Bank

Summer in Moscow is still not the end, air temperature in the capital in August, will be held at a level above normal, told RIA Novosti in Central weather «Phobos» in the capital’s Weather Bureau.

Earlier media reported that the summer weather in the capital will decline next week.

«To say that summer is over, is wrong. The average temperature according to climatic characteristics, every day will gradually one or two tenths of a degree to decrease, but it does not mean that the weather will become cold, and summer’s over are two different things,» said RIA Novosti expert «Phobos».

He said that lowering the temperature below 20 degrees is not predicted, at least in the next ten days.

In turn, the capital’s Weather Bureau said that the temperature during the first decade of August will be above normal.

«In the days that followed, as the sun every day, solar energy is less, the natural decrease of the temperature will happen. But how it will be sharp — such a long-term forecast yet. But those involved in long-term projections, they say that August will be above normal, therefore, to expect that we will have very sudden changes in temperature downward, — the probability of this is small», — told RIA Novosti chief specialist of the Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova.