The phantom menace: experts spoke about the dangers of tobacco heating system

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In recent years, the popularity among smokers of so-called systems of heating tobacco is promoted and the statements of some manufacturers of such devices, which are called their «innovation», arguing that the level of harmful substances in them in comparison to cigarette smoke was reduced significantly. However, interviewed by RIA Novosti experts believe that the rush to judgment is not necessary, and the harm to health from such devices may be no less than that of traditional cigarettes.

Less harm?

As told RIA Novosti the psychiatrist-narcologist Sergey Govorun, in today’s popular systems of heating tobacco can actually contain less hazardous substances due to the lack of combustion, however, the claim that such devices cause less harm, is a big question.

«First, there are also contains nicotine, so the addiction is supported, and secondly, harmful substances may be less, but they nevertheless are causing lung diseases, cardiovascular system, and yet the risk of cancer remains elevated. The allocated pair still have toxic and carcinogenic substances including,» — said the expert.

Co-chair of the Russian anti-tobacco coalition Daria Khalturina said that solid evidence is reduced compared to cigarettes harm from heating systems today there is no tobacco, and the tobacco companies in some countries were statistically insignificant.

«Not so long ago, a study was conducted that in addition to steam generation, such systems will melt plastic parts and filters, that is, a person inhales plastic, which is quite useful. In addition, in the pair contains glycerin. We assume that the harm of Smoking may be lower, but until any evidence is not presented, neither the biomarkers nor the statistics of the incidence of something», she said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to experts, if the use of combustion products of cigarettes suffers from broncho-pulmonary system, which is the main burden from Smoking cigarettes, nicotine consumed in any form has an impact on the cardiovascular system.

«Nicotine is called the «spider poison» and therefore somehow these major negative impacts remain. Even if a person uses it in «non-traditional» form, for example, resolves or «floats», the negative effects remain and addiction develops and is maintained,» said the talker.

In turn, Khalturina noted that statistics of disease associated with the use of it systems heating tobacco, yet, as such studies take time. «For such studies require large groups of people is tracked over 20 years. Here then is something will be clear, while no such statistics in any country of the world,» she said.

Way to quit Smoking?

Despite the fact that some smokers are convinced reduced the dangers of systems of heating of tobacco, go to them in order to continue to completely abandon Smoking, experts say this method of health care is quite questionable, since the dependency is not going anywhere.

«You are giving up Smoking (cigarettes — ed.) but somehow still a dependent person. If it is to continue doing, then the risks will continue to rise. It definitely can’t be recommended as a medicine for Smoking cessation: if you just go to them, you become not dependent from cigarettes, and from heating systems,» explained Gabby.

He stressed that even was medications for Smoking cessation can be used in harmful if the smoker uses such alternate is much longer than the recommended period.

Also, according to Halturina, evidence that heating tobacco can reduce the craving for Smoking, do not yet exist, and in order that such devices could be equated to nicotine patches and other medicines or, conversely, prohibited, they must undergo special research.

«The Ministry of health of the countries of the world do not have time to track the list of new active drug substances, and still there is a suspicion that it may be less harmful than cigarettes. No one wants to take responsibility to ban them, because all of a sudden still some groups of smokers it will really help. However, it is in any case should not be the main strategy (Smoking cessation, ed.), it is necessary to examine, to study the consumers of such goods in Russia and abroad, and to draw conclusions with very great care», — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

Motivation for refusal

According to the talker, the way of refusal of systems of heating of tobacco is not different from the way a waiver of any other types of tobacco products: a person must be a strong motivation and setting, as well as a full understanding of the risks posed by substances contained in cigarette smoke or steam from devices. The expert noted that the people who do that «throw» without any additional assistance, but often, the smoker is faced with the so-called «withdrawal».

«Withdrawal syndrome» is when a person is long time consume nicotine and then suddenly stop. Here it is sometimes difficult to endure, however, and there are many drugs is their help aimed at facilitating failure. But somehow in the future needs to be setup not to start again. That is, the smoker has two tasks: throw and hold,» — said the expert.

Similar opinion is shared by Khalturina, which notes that in order to help yourself quit Smoking, you can consult a specialist or call the hotline and try to get social support: for example, ask friends not to call for «smoke breaks».

«We need to eliminate everything that could ever involve tobacco. In addition, there are pharmacological drugs that significantly increase the probability of quitting tobacco. And even if some of them contain nicotine, we know that there are not other added substances which, on the contrary, increase the addiction,» she said.The phantom menace: experts spoke about the dangers of tobacco heating system© RIA Novosti, Infografica alternative ways of Smoking