The presence of IG* in Tajikistan is dangerous for Russia, the analyst believes

© AP Photo / Alexander ZemlianichenkoВид in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Archival photoThe presence of IG* in Tajikistan is dangerous for Russia, the analyst believes© AP Photo / Alexander Zemlianichenko

The presence of the terrorist group «Islamic state»* in Tajikistan is a threat to Russian tourists, and Russia in General, said head of the Department of Central Asia and Kazakhstan of Institute of the CIS Andrey Grozin.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Tajikistan reported that on July 29 in Dangara district of Khatlon region to foreign tourists who traveled on bicycles ran the car. Killed two US citizen, a Dutch citizen and a Swiss citizen. Three more were injured. IG* has claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to experts, the attackers could be members of the sleeper cells organization.

«It is possible that there may be people who share the values and ideology of the group, sympathizers who consider themselves to be fighters of the global Caliphate. On the other hand, we should not forget that the security forces in all Central Asian republics tend any activity of any Islamists to rate in the category of the global terrorist network,» — said the expert RIA Novosti.

According to Grozin, the presence of groups in Tajikistan poses a threat to Russian tourists, and Russia as a whole.

«Because all the States of Central Asia are connected with us a very close-knit strategic alliances. We are in the same economic, military-political organizations», — said the analyst.

According to the expert, the death of foreign tourists shows that the power structures of Tajikistan are not competent enough. Therefore, in the case of aggravation of the situation do not rule out the possibility of Russian intervention, said Grozin.

«It is our strategic partner», — said Andrei Grozin.

About the growth of the direct military presence of Russia in Tajikistan so far, the focus should be on strengthening the coordination of the work of the security services, the expert concluded.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia