The state Department approved the Keystone pipeline route

© AP Photo / Nati Nanga station for the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska, USA. Archival photoThe state Department approved the Keystone pipeline route© AP Photo / Nati Harnik

The U.S. state Department previously has approved the route of Keystone oil pipeline company TransCanada, determined that the approved route through Nebraska will not have a significant impact on the environment. A review of the Department of state published on the website on Monday.

Until the end of August in the US will be public hearings on the project, then it should be decided on the new route of the pipeline.

According to the document, during construction there may be some minor and moderate impacts on the environment, and the company will be able to mitigate the damage.

In November 2017, the authorities of Nebraska had approved the construction of the Keystone XL pipe, thus making a step towards the realization of one of the most controversial projects. Among those approved was not the route which was declared by the company and involving other land owners. Company TransCanada had previously asked the authorities to allow her to renew the already filed application to include an approved route.

The Keystone XL project involves the construction of a pipeline with a length of 1.9 thousand km and a capacity of more than 800 thousand barrels a day from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf coast.

In 2015, the then-President Barack Obama rejected construction of the pipeline, declaring that it is contrary to the national interests of the United States. Then the President of the United States Donald trump has signed a decree to resume the construction of Keystone XL.