The strike was delayed in Madrid taxi drivers require to solve the issue with Uber

© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina Strikers Madrid against Uber taxi drivers blocked one of the Central streets of the cityThe strike was delayed in Madrid taxi drivers require to solve the issue with Uber© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina

The taxi driver strike in Spain will continue at least until Wednesday – this decision was made by taxi drivers in Madrid and Barcelona, which require the government to resolve the situation with Uber and Cabify.

The purpose of the taxi drivers who began a strike last week to settle the situation with the permits-car rental with driver (VTC) used Uber and Cabify. Despite an existing rule that 30 taxi licenses should have only one solution VTC, these quotas are violated everywhere. According to the Ministry of development, Spain 64 217 issued official licenses of taxi drivers and 7 058 VTC.

License a taxi in Madrid costs about 140 thousand euros, and the resolution VTC — 35 euros. The leaders of the strike movement need to stop issuing new permits to VTC to comply with the quotas of 30 to one, and also give an opportunity to the authorities of the Autonomous communities to define their own policy in this sector.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of development in Madrid held a meeting of Secretary of state for transport Pedro Saura Chapter of the Association of entrepreneurs Unauto which is engaged in providing permitting VTC, Eduardo Martin and Chairman Unauto Catalunya josé maría Gogna.

Madrid taxi drivers continue to block one of the Central streets of the city – Paseo de La Castellana, which is the Ministry, there is only one lane for traffic. Taxi drivers have set up tents and spent the night there. To disperse they are not going, despite the heat, at least until Wednesday, when the national conference of transport, which will be attended by development Minister, Jose Luis Abalos and industry representatives of the different Autonomous communities. To support Spanish colleagues in Madrid came even a few taxi drivers from Portugal.

Madrid taxi drivers are demanding the resignation of the General Director of transport of the community of Madrid Pablo Rodriguez Sardinero due to the fact that he did not support their position, and also require a meeting with the mayor Manuela Karmanos.

At negotiations with the organizers of a strike held on Monday, Secretary of state for transport promised that the government will pass a law that would have resolved the situation, in mid-September.

Fifteen hundred drivers Valencia on Tuesday blocked the street of Columbus. Taxi drivers are on strike across Spain – from Malaga to Santiago de Compostela. For five hours not worked as taxi drivers of Palma (island of Palma de Mallorca) – tourists arriving on vacation, had to get to the hotels by public transport. Partially joined and taxi drivers in Ibiza.

To call a car, Uber and Cabify is extremely difficult – in the days of the strike, have increased attacks taxi drivers on these cars and the drivers prefer not to work to resolve the situation.

Secretary of state Pedro Saura calls on taxi drivers to stop the strike, because the victims are ordinary citizens, «not guilty,» and calls the government’s proposal for the adoption of the law «very thoughtful».

The strike spread throughout the country, began in Barcelona last week. In mid-March, the taxi service Uber has resumed work in this city after a hiatus of nearly four years. The company said it will provide its services through UberX drivers must have permission VTC — car rental with driver. The drivers should be registered as individual entrepreneurs. This type of license is much cheaper than the official taxi license.

The authorities of Barcelona on June 26 approved a quota of 30 licenses of taxi drivers should have to license VTC. In addition to the license, drivers must have permission of the Urban Institute for a taxi.

After this, the Ministry of development of Spain filed a lawsuit about the illegality of the decision of the city authorities. The court accepted the claim to consideration, that automatically means a suspension of the decision of the authorities of Barcelona.