Vasiliev believes that the Junior high students need a phone only for communication

© Depositphotos / KobyakovРебенок with a smartphone. Archival photoVasiliev believes that the Junior high students need a phone only for communication© Depositphotos / Kobyakov,

The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva said that the phone is for pupils of 2-4 classes needed only for communication, smartphones on the lessons to anything.

Earlier it became known that the French Parliament finally adopted a law that prohibits the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices in the Junior high school.

«I think that’s right. That’s right, that the feasibility is questionable, because in the 2-4 class hardly need a smartphone in the lesson,» said Vasilyev, answering the journalists ‘ question about banning phones in schools in France.

Vasilyev added that it does not know how: there is such practice in Germany and Japan. The Minister noted that «nothing unexpected for me in this law, no.»

She explained that in Russia, if to introduce such a law, we must first ask the parent community.

«Parents’ attitudes basically boil down to the fact that the phone as need shall be, as a means of communication, but hardly need it during training,» concluded Vasiliev.