The Venezuelan President survived an assassination attempt using drones

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Archival photoThe Venezuelan President survived an assassination attempt using drones© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

The attempt on his life has experienced on Saturday Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, neither he nor other representatives of the country’s leadership was not injured. Maduro himself has already addressed the nation on television, vowing to find and severely punish the perpetrators.

Explosives by air

The method of attack was chosen not only original but also technologically. To the podium on the Avenue Bolivar, where Maduro was sent several aircraft with explosives. The explosion injured seven guards, said the Minister of communication and information Jorge Rodriguez.

Broadcast of the event on state television was cut short. On the final scene of Maduro and standing next to him on the podium of the men suddenly looked up. Then the participants of the parade scattered in all directions, then the stream stopped.

Maduro is in order

The President himself was not injured. Minister Rodriguez said that Maduro is in excellent condition after the assassination attempt. «Our President Maduro is in excellent condition and great conditions,» said Rodriguez during a televised address to the nation. After the assassination of Maduro were evacuated to a safe place.

Maduro appealed later to the country on television. No trace of the possible impact of explosives on it, it wasn’t noticeable.

The perpetrators have already been announced?

First about the possible perpetrators of the attack, said the head of the National constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello and originality he never did, blaming the right-wing forces.

«Fellow citizens, right-wing forces insist on violence to take place, which they could not obtain through the ballot box. Our brother-President Nicolas Maduro and the political and military leadership was not injured in a terrorist attack during the event, the Bolivarian national guard. They can not cope with us,» Cabello wrote in his microblog on Twitter.

The President himself was more substantive and addressed the charges in the assassination of not just right-wing political forces, but a specific person – the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos. In addition to Santos, he mentioned and the US. «We ask those responsible who lives abroad, primarily in the United States. According to preliminary data investigations, many of the organizers of the assassination live in the USA, in Florida. I hope that the government Donald trump will be ready to fight with terrorist groups that commit attacks against peaceful countries, in our case of Venezuela,» said Maduro during a televised address to the nation.

He promised that the perpetrators of the attack will suffer the maximum punishment and forgiveness they will not. According to the President, the part of direct participants of attempt has been detained.

Flannel threat

About their responsibility for the attempt said the clandestine group «Flannel soldiers». The Mexican portal Sin Embargo notes that the group was established in 2014 and is associated with the rebellious police officer Oscar Perez, who was eliminated during a special operation in January of 2018. The group has positioned itself as the Union of all forces of resistance at the national level.

«The operation consisted in a flight of two drones loaded with C4 plastic explosives to the presidential podium. Snipers honor guard was hit by drones before they arrived to the goal. They are vulnerable, now did not work, but it’s a matter of time,» said the group in its microblog on Twitter.

While the official Venezuelan authorities did not comment on this statement.

And whether the attempt?

The fact of the assassination have been questioned. The associated Press gave information of three representatives of the Venezuelan fire service, according to which in Caracas was not a drone attack on President Maduro, but only the explosion of a gas cylinder in the apartment near the scene of the parade.

Communicate with the Agency firefighters working at the site of the incident, disputed the official version of events. On condition of anonymity, they told the news Agency that an attempt on the President was passed a gas cylinder exploded in a building far away, and you could see the smoke from the explosion rising from the Windows of the house.