Kamchatka rescuers received an SOS from foreign tourists

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Persistentcache. Archival photoKamchatka rescuers received an SOS from foreign tourists© RIA Novosti / Alexander Piragis

The SOS signal was received by rescuers from groups of tourists in Kamchatka, however, request assistance in the regional Glaucus MOE, no one spoke, the press service of the Ministry.

According to channel five, four American citizens gave the signal for emergency on August 10. The rescuers know that this men aged from 52 to 62 years. They went to Kamchatka to hunt — with them their weapons and tents. The reason the SOS signal is not yet known.

«The signal received at the international coordination centre of emergency and from there the Kamchatka rescuers, however, in connection with a request for help nobody came. Note that this is an organized group — that is the tour organized by the travel company. The tourists have a satellite phone, in addition, they are accompanied by the gamekeeper, which in the case of an accident should get in touch, as well as guides and cook. The travel Agency assured that the help of rescuers is not currently required,» said the spokesman.

He suggested that the reason the SOS signal could be a false alarm sensor is fitted to the backpacks of tourists. However, the MOE is ready, if necessary, to help people.

As it became known to RIA Novosti sources familiar with the situation in the group are not Americans, and four Canadians. Now they are on the border olyutorskogo and Penzhina district, about 170 km from the village achayvayam.

In the tourist company that organized the trip, RIA Novosti information about the signal SOS with a group of foreigners neither confirmed nor denied.