At the festival in Vyborg will be presented the movie «Rhinestone»

© RIA Novosti / Anatoly Medveditsyna film festival Window to Europe in Vyborg. Archival photoAt the festival in Vyborg will be presented the movie «Rhinestone»© RIA Novosti / Anatoly Medved

A film by Darya Zhuk «Crystal», created by the joint efforts of cinematographers of Russia, Belarus, USA and Germany will be represented in the Vyborg festival «the Window to Europe» in the framework of the competition program of «co-production. Window of the world», the show will be held on August 11.

The film directed by Darya Zhuk originally from Belarus, but 20 years living and working in the United States. Its a film about a girl who dreams of leaving Belarus in the hope of a wonderful life, Daria called «Crystal».

«The name «Crystal» appeared in close collaboration with the script writer Helga, Landauer,» the bug told RIA Novosti. «The crystal as metaphor works on several levels. This is the goodness that we sought a demonstration in Soviet times, exposing the crystal in the most prominent place in the sideboard in the living room. It is also a fragile dream of the main character, which strives for a sparkling future. The crystal in the film is a product that you can sell on the market in the West. The main character, who dreams to leave the country, think she like crystal will gain its real price and the possibility of self-realization somewhere outside their home country,» added the Director.

According to the Director, the film is not entirely autobiographical. Creating the script, the authors relied on several real-life funny stories that happened to their friends in the 90s.

«Of course, there are some details that make this film close to me personally,» said beetle, «This is house music, he loves the heroine, and the rave subculture to which it belongs. For me in my youth, this music was a kind of denial of everything he was striving for the previous generation. The desire of the heroine to escape from the native city and to look at the world I am also very clear, I, like writer Helga, went to America in the mid-90s. Images of many characters in the film are based on real people in my circle», she added.

The main theme of the film is, by definition, directed that «the boundaries of personality and personal freedom and how they contact the transitional society has suffered from historical trauma.» Also in this picture touches upon the topic of a growing young country.

«Touching on the recent history of Belarus, I speak about today. We look at this picture from today, measuring with a ruler the distance traveled, reflektiruet. And what has changed? The question I want to ask the audience».

Beetle said that finding a performer for the lead role was not very easy. The search took in Minsk, Moscow, new York, St. Petersburg, and even in Tbilisi. And she flew sometimes half a day to the acquaintance with the Actresses. As a result, this role was invited Alina Nasibullina, a graduate of School-Studio of MKHAT, who lives and works in Moscow.

«At the festival in Karlovy vary, where they were shown our film, Alina dubbed a real star. And I’m really looking forward to her new works,» said beetle.

The movie «Rhinestone» was not only at a film festival in Karlovy vary, but also won the main prize at the International film festival in Odessa. He also will be nominated for an Oscar from Belarus.

«We are working to meet all requirements of the American Academy to «Crystal» represented Belarus in the category «best foreign film». International partners who joined the production in its early stages, has raised the bar for all of us, and we managed to get this predetermined height. If not for the ability and interest in co-production, this film would not exist. This form of cooperation are most relevant, I believe it allows even before the shooting of the film to say about the project,» said beetle.

The Director told that on the painting working professionals from six countries. Had awesome actors from Russia, in addition to Alina — Yuri Borisov and Ivan Mulin, cinematographer Carolina Costa of Brazil, was the American and German producers and sound engineers.

As for future plans, then, according to the beetle, she hopes to be able to run the project in English in Minsk with international partners. «I’m open to stories with strong female images in any genre,» said Daria. She said she was very glad that the film was invited to the festival in Vyborg.

«This is our Russian premiere, and viewers will be able to appreciate and criticize a good «Crystal». Still, they will watch the picture and not read the captions,» — said the beetle.