At the festival in Vyborg will show a film about the playwright Vampilov

© Photo : Cultural centre of Alexander Vampilov Vampireweekend. Archive photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/08/4dc45d7658c6a29af1fa494ec0f0b30a.jpg" alt="At the festival in Vyborg will show a film about the playwright Vampilov” />© Photo : Cultural centre of Alexander Vampilov

A graduate of the GITIS student of Mark Zakharov directed by Victor Alferov at the festival «Window to Europe» film «sea Buckthorn summer», dedicated the last years of his life most famous modern playwright Alexander Vampilov. The premiere will take place on August 11.

«I wanted to tell about this genius playwright, the author of the most mysterious plays, the mystery that was not able to solve even the biggest Directors about this amazing man whose life was interrupted so early and so tragically,» — said RIA Novosti.Alferov.

According to the Director, Siberia, Irkutsk, where Vampilov, honor the memory of his famous countryman, there is a Museum telling about the life and work of the playwright.

«I know the family history of Vampilov, know that his father is Buryat by nationality was a rural teacher, a very educated man, knew several languages. Denounced, he was shot. It was taken at night and no more news about him was not. People 10 years continued to wait for him,» — said Alferov.

Here is the story of a father, whom he had not seen, longing for the father, that his personal tragedy, which somehow sounded in all of his plays — especially in the «Older son», and became for me a key starting point in the creation of the painting».

According to the Director, the film tells about the last years of his life Vavilova, the time when he wrote his last famous «Duck hunt», arrived in Moscow, gave the play by Oleg Efremov and waited for a reply, was refused and returned to Irkutsk, where he was a tragedy.

The film «sea Buckthorn summer» was filmed in Moscow and in Irkutsk. The main role is played by a famous actor Andrey Merzlikin, and it came out really by accident, as said Alferov.

«We are together with the script writer Olga Pogodina was at one event when she suddenly saw Merzlikina and said, «Yes, that’s you and Sasha Vampilov». Andrew is very similar to Vampilov. We approached him and told him about my project. Merzlikina reaction was instantaneous: «This is my dream!» So the issue was resolved with the performer of the title role, and it was possible to start work on a painting. What have we got? To judge the audience,» — said Alferov.