Belousov explained why some sectors are required to share revenues

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photomontage Siberian metallurgical plant. Archival photoBelousov explained why some sectors are required to share revenues© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The proposal to withdraw the additional budget revenues of companies from a number of sectors is intended to equalize the tax burden, told the newspaper «Vedomosti», the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov.

According to him, this idea has nothing to do with raising funds for the may decrees. Belousov said that the required eight trillion rubles for the implementation of presidential instructions will be obtained from the VAT increase and issuance of Federal bonds.

«It is advisable to create a mechanism to withdraw from the commodity exporters of the additional income that they receive from the weakening of the ruble — that is, changes beyond their control for macroeconomic factors and growth in world prices for their products,» — explained his idea assistant to the President.

He noted that the main reason for these changes lies in the necessity of a more equitable distribution of the tax burden among companies from different sectors of the economy.

Belousov also said that the government had decided to start from 2019 tax maneuver in the oil industry and to raise VAT, which will result in additional burden for the population and for business, including manufacturing, construction, transport, but almost does not affect steelmakers and petrochemical. According to Belousov, the latter is also «need to share».

Assistant to the President stressed that we are talking about the proposal not to withdraw from the metallurgists and chemists 500 billion rubles, and on elaboration of a mechanism. However, he noted that the development should involve representatives of business.

Earlier Belousov addressed a letter to Vladimir Putin, in which he proposed the President to instruct the government to increase additional budget revenues due to mining and chemical industries. According to the assistant to the President, representatives of these industries to pay lower taxes than the oil and gas sector. According to the document, seen by RIA Novosti, the removal of the windfall from 14 companies could bring the budget to 500 billion rubles a year. Thus, the largest additional budget revenues can be received from «Norilsk Nickel», «ALROSA» and «SIBUR».