«Eating waste»: the media learned about the situation of Ukrainian «guest workers» in Europe

© RIA Novostiukraine the passport of the citizen of Ukraine. Archival photo«Eating waste»: the media learned about the situation of Ukrainian «guest workers» in Europe© RIA Novosti

Ukrainians are increasingly becoming the victims of fraud in employment abroad, writes portal «Obozrevatel».

With the introduction of a visa-free regime, many went to work in Europe without the paperwork. Or get a Polish work visa, expect to find a job in Western Europe — Germany, Norway, and Finland. As notes the edition, these are the two main errors.

But it is now cashing in on this so-called mediators. Also «cheap» workers used by scammers who literally create labor camps on the territory of Europe, where the Ukrainians live in inhuman conditions.

One of the main fraud schemes — work Polish work visa in Western Europe. Or does — only with biometric passport. Some really lucky and they manage to work so for some time. But most often it is threatened with deportation.

Sometimes promises intermediaries so do not coincide with the reality that the Ukrainians are in most of these labor camps, where they collected documents, and if you want to complain or leave, they are threatened with death. The publication cites the example of Ukrainka Oksana, who went to work in Poland for a thousand dollars a month. Instead was in a labor camp, where she was selected not only passport, but also a phone.

To the workers, as the site says, were treated like animals, and gave waste. Oksana managed to escape, she went to the police. However, to find the exact place where they were kept, failed. And then the mediator threatened her via social media to kill her children if she complains to the police. Now all these cases are investigated by Polish law enforcement agencies.

Experts advise Ukrainians, before you contact the Agency-the intermediary, ten times to double-check its reliability through independent sources. Leaving for work, be sure to take a copy of your passport. Also they are recommended to agree on a code word that you can say on the phone.

Earlier, the leader of the political party «Batkivshchyna», Yulia Tymoshenko said that Ukrainians who work abroad and send money to relatives, keep afloat the economy of the home country. According to the national Bank of Ukraine, since the beginning of the year migrant workers brought the budget to $ 4.5 billion.