«Far Eastern hectare» revived the closed village of Kulu in Kolyma

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotobanka grazing on the far hectare. Archival photo«Far Eastern hectare» revived the closed village of Kulu in Kolyma© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

In the Magadan region reborn closed ten years ago the village of Kula, this was made possible thanks to the program «far Eastern hectare». Two families got six acres, and then another 60 leased — together, they opened great by the standards of the Kolyma farm.

The program «far Eastern hectare» provides the right of every Russian citizen to receive a land plot up to 1 ha in the far East for free. From 1 June 2016, the program entered the action to the far East, and from February 1, 2017, for all Russian citizens. For the period of the program received more than 106,5 thousands of applications, about 33 thousand of land already transferred for use by 5.5 thousand applications the competent authorities have taken a positive decision.

New Kulu

Kulu is a village located in the Tenkinsky district of Kolyma, 412 kilometers from Magadan. Named as the river, is located here: from Chukotka «kuul» – deep river. The map of the region it appeared in 1941 as a camp item. And almost immediately there opened a small farm, and then farm, famous for its products in the entire area. In the 90 years, the farm was closed and in 2008 itself Kulu recognized unpromising and settled.

A year ago in Kulu moved two of the Kolyma families took six of the far Eastern acres and opened a farm — «the New cool». They were joined by like-minded people living in neighboring towns. Now in the «New Kullu» employs 25 people. These days in the greenhouse farms are removed from the first crop of cucumbers. He said employees who fully met expectations.

Helen Fanini, along with her husband came to Kulu from the neighboring settlement of Omchak. And now here is responsible for all crop production.

«We have four large greenhouses, fifth build. There is small — on the street. Remove the first harvest, already more than a ton only got cucumbers. Tomatoes still green, but by the end of August and they will,» says Elena.

Elena’s husband Ruslan Kisil works here as a tractor driver. He explains: in the village of Kulu moved because we believed in a new project, in addition, there is good fishing, which are very fond of his wife.

«As a child I came to Kullu, there was a labor camp once. Then it was disbanded, and the village itself was closed. But then I really liked it. Nature is beautiful, and I remember that many years ago this village was famous for its large harvests, there was the farm, famous throughout the region», — said Ruslan.

A large construction project

The program «far Eastern hectare», in fact, breathed in Kullu a new life. Now here in the middle of a large building. Build new buildings farm, preparing for the arrival of equipment to the house. Brought cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The plans for the farm workers to restore the old barn for 500 cows, to build a pigsty for a thousand pigs and a chicken coop nearly five thousand laying hens. Here now a hundred hogs and twenty cows.

New colinzi say they are ready to feed the whole of Magadan oblast. But for this they need help from the state. Almost all year round your greenhouse farmers are forced to heat with coal, in August in these places come the first frost. Fuel here is expensive, and the delivery of any equipment in these places is not cheap. In addition, there are waiting for like — minded people- such as passionate about agriculture.

«Not yet resolved the question of distribution. It is not clear until the end who will be the consumer. Therefore, we do not know how to expand. And, of course, I would like to see here more people. But the villages around are closing, people are leaving outside the region. And we need both workers and customers», — says the engineer of KFKH «New Kullu» Pavel Zuev.

Miners rescue

The first products of the economy «New Kullu» sell miners — the mines of Matrosov and Pavlik nearby.

«The first 15 thousand rubles came to us from the sale of agricultural products — cucumbers. Bought Rudnik imeni Matrosova. Now gold miners continue to buy, has signed a contract with us. At the end of August we expect to get the first milk. Also will sell mine Matrosov, and that, apparently, will deliver to the shops in the towns of Omchak, Gastello, Ust-Omchug», — says economist of KFKH «New Kullu» Dmitry Grushevsky.

For workers in the gold mines Pavlik Matrosov, the region’s largest production facilities «New Kulu» is a salvation. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes are delivered infrequently and mainly from Magadan. Dairy products workers and not see it. So in cooperation with the new farm, located nearby, businesses are happy.

We need a legal assistance

In the process of building and expanding new colinzi faced with many difficulties, including of a legislative nature. Under construction, they additionally took 60 acres of land, which are now forced to pay rent to the district administration, says agricultural engineer Pavel Zuev.

«You know, it’s not just the land is forest, taiga, which is useless. Absolutely none. And it is necessary to invest money in processing it including. And we have also to pay the rent. Because by law we can only take a hectare per person, and we need a lot more. Just to bring people in so they issued over the land, we don’t want. This is wrong, and, in addition, the holders of these acres can always request with us part of the profits. So we would ask members of our regional Duma to resolve the issue, to such as we have for the land lease money is not demanded», — said Zuev.

High cost of farms and for heating. The village has installed a modular boiler that is fired by coal from the mine in the Susumansky district. The greenhouse is heated even in August, the first frost here is fixed already at this time.

«We spent all of already more than 55 million rubles. Subsidies to farmers like us, as it turned out, not put. All because we work in the village, which no longer exists on the map of the region. Then there are legislative problems that would be solved,» sums up Paul.

«Far Eastern hectare» revived the closed village of Kulu in Kolyma© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka you can use the far Eastern hectare