In Germany questioned the validity of the us sanctions against Russia

© AFP 2018 / dpa / Holger HollemannПремьер-Minister of the Federal state of lower Saxony Stephan Weil. Archival photoIn Germany questioned the validity of the us sanctions against Russia© AFP 2018 / dpa / Holger Hollemann

The validity of the new sanctions imposed by the US against Russia, raises many questions, said to RIA Novosti, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, who participated in the event dedicated to the prospects of German-Russian relations.

«If the United States plan new sanctions in connection with the appeal in the Russian military are concerned, I have a lot of questions, starting with the circumstances of the case. I’m a lawyer, and I therefore attach great importance to ensuring that the charges that are put forward could be proved. Now I have no confidence in this,» said Weil.

He stressed that «the opposite is true: we don’t need more sanctions, we need more cooperation, more dialogue.»

New sanctions

The eighth of August, the state Department announced new sanctions against Moscow because «Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Salisbury». In them formed the basis of American law on the control of chemical and biological weapons, adopted in 1991. The US has already used it in March, when it imposed sanctions against the DPRK for the use of chemical weapons in the murder of Kim Jong-Nam, the brother of the leader of North Korea, and Syria in 2013.

Restrictions will consist of two packages. The first, which will take effect August 22, stipulates a ban on the supply to Russia of electronic devices and of dual-use products. The second, which can enter after 90 days, includes possible reduction in the level of diplomatic relations, a ban on flights to USA airline «Aeroflot» and the almost total cessation of U.S. exports. While Washington declares that is ready to refuse the second package of restrictions, if Russia gives guarantees of non-use of chemical weapons and allow UN observers to carry out inspections «in the field».

In the Kremlin of new sanctions called illegal, and the wording of their introduction — «categorically unacceptable». As stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the further strengthening of sanctions against Russia can be regarded as a Declaration of economic war.

In Germany questioned the validity of the us sanctions against Russia© Infographical terrible toxic substances