In Moscow, opened the festival «Oh, you, song my, song» memory Chaliapin

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotobanka Fedor Ivanovich Chaliapin. Archival photoIn Moscow, opened the festival «Oh, you, song my, song» memory Chaliapin© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

Summer music festival «Oh, you, song my, song» in memory of the singer Fyodor Chaliapin opened on Saturday in the village Gagino, Sergiev Posad district on the territory of the temple complex.

The Moscow Museum of music intends to hold the festival annually. He was named one of the songs composed by Feodor Chaliapin. The festival involves both professional and Amateur groups. The program also includes master classes for children will work fair of Handicrafts.

«This year’s Chaliapin festival in Gagino acquired a new form, different scale. There were professional teams here are from the Bolshoi theatre soloists to ensembles that represent the municipal formation of the Sergiev Posad district. The festival was opened by one of the best teams of Moscow region «Russian patterns». I want to note that today in Gagino you can not only attend the concert and to see all exhibitions — Museum of music has prepared several exhibitions dedicated to Fyodor Chaliapin and the history of the festival», — quotes the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to the Director of the music Museum of Mikhail Bryzgalov.

At the opening of the festival by Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Medina. He noted that it is 120 years from the date of the wedding in the village of Gagino legendary bass Chaliapin and the Italian prima ballerina Iola tornagi. «We decided to start a new tradition. The Museum of music will perform here for the annual festival of remembrance, Chaliapin… We want this place revived, and was as popular as a hundred years ago», — quotes words of the Minister of culture.

The Minister recalled that the village Gagino is closely connected with Russian culture. «In the suburbs was the estate of Savva Mamontov, Savva Mamontov together with the artist Korovin was witness at a wedding of Feodor Chaliapin, conducted in Gagino a lot of time. Unfortunately, in Soviet times this place was in terrible disrepair. In the temples were demolished crosses, and they carried out a role of storage of fertilizers. In the five years we have restored temple complex, not only on budget money, but also the means of benefactors, patrons and Trustees,» said Medina, who headed the Board of Trustees for the restoration of the temple complex.

In the village of Gagino survived two Church — Spasskaya and Kazanskaya. The first was built in 1760-ies and until 2010 was in ruins. Kazan Church was built in 1845. It is known that in 1898, her married Chaliapin and tornagi. In Soviet times the manor in Gagino was completely destroyed. Spasskaya Church was dismantled on the bricks and standing next to the Kazan Church staged a warehouse. Restoration of the complex began in 2013, now both the temple restored.