Korean environmentalists have proposed the options for dealing with coal dust in the Kuzbass

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima Photobacterium in the dumper BelAZ in the context of Chernihiv in the Kemerovo region. Archival photoKorean environmentalists have proposed the options for dealing with coal dust in the Kuzbass© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Environmental experts from South Korea for dust control at the coal enterprises of the Kemerovo region have proposed an innovative material made from sugar cane and corn, according to the regional administration.

The foreign delegation stayed in the Kuzbass almost a week, visited a number of industrial sites and specialized research institutes. According to the results of the working visit by South Korean experts expressed the readiness to help with the reduction of dust during blasting, transportation and storage of coal, upgrading equipment, installing round-the-clock online monitoring of air quality and water treatment facilities at the mines to meet international standards.

According to authorities, the coal mine «Mezhdurechensk» the guests were shown three problem area of technological roads with the heavy traffic of heavy vehicles, which produce a lot of dust, to reduce where the roads are regularly watered and poured gravel.

«Korean environmentalists have proposed to handle the road solution with addition of ecologically safe reagent is an innovative material obtained from the fermentation of grain, for example, sugar cane and corn. Feature of the material is that it is non-toxic, retains moisture in the soil acts as a fertilizer, but most importantly has adhesive properties, turning coal dust in the sinter (set of firmly held between particles)», — stated in the message.

According to the chief of the regional Department of natural resources and environment Sergei Vysotsky, foreign experts praised many of the technologies that are used in the Kuzbass enterprises to protect the environment and minimize the impact of Industrialists in nature.

The final recommendations of the experts from South Korea will give after a full analysis of the situation. Cooperation is planned to continue during the Eastern economic forum, which will take place 11-13 September, noted in the regional administration.