The Czech army promised to avenge their military killed in Afghanistan

© AFP 2018 / Noorullah ShirzadaАфганские militaryThe Czech army promised to avenge their military killed in Afghanistan© 2018 AFP / Noorullah Shirzada

Command of the Czech army intends to find in Afghanistan, the organizers of the murder of three of its soldiers and to present them to justice in this country, said Friday evening the chief of the General staff of the Czech army Lieutenant-General aleš Opata.

On Sunday, a representative of the Ministry of defense reported that early in the morning on this day, during a patrol in the vicinity of Bagram air base in the explosion of a suicide bomber killed three soldiers — a 36-year-old Martin Marcin, a 28-year-old Kamil beneš and 25-year-old Patrick Stepanek, who took part in the composition of the Czech troops in non-combat NATO mission Resolute support aimed at assisting the government of Afghanistan in combating the Taliban*. Later, the representatives of this movement have claimed responsibility for the bombing of the airbase.

«The Czech army intends to avenge the death of their three soldiers. With the assistance of partners from the allied armies, we want to find the organizers of the attack and present them to the Afghan court. We will not allow anyone to kill with impunity Czech military in this country,» said Opatha, speaking on state TV.

In General, this problem will almost certainly require months of effort of analysts and scouts, including representatives of other participating in the Afghan mission of NATO countries because their populations are constantly threatened by the militants.

«We are interested in, who designed the explosive device to murder the Czech military, who picked up a suicide bomber and who this whole operation was organized,» — said the chief of staff.

Opatha said that no one currently in Afghanistan Czech soldiers did not want to prematurely return home after the tragedy. They intend to continue to perform their duties until the end of the trip in mid-October.

The office of the Prague castle has announced that the dead soldiers will be awarded on 28 October this year, the day of the 100th anniversary of independent Czechoslovakia, medals «For heroism».

On Friday, the head of the Military solidarity Fund Brigadier General Smerdova she also told reporters that the Czech citizens, living abroad compatriots to help the families of the dead soldiers gathered in the course of this week around 4 million kronor (about 186 thousand dollars).

During his stay in Afghanistan killed 13 of the Czech military. The last time it occurred on July 8, 2014 as a result of mine explosion near Bagram air base. Then four people were killed, another died later in a Prague hospital.


*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.