The head of Guatemala could come under investigation for financial fraud

© RIA Novosti / V. to Munipulate in photolanguage. Archival photoThe head of Guatemala could come under investigation for financial fraud© RIA Novosti / V. to Munipulate the image Bank

The Prosecutor General’s office of Guatemala and the international Commission against impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) on Friday presented in the Supreme court a request to start preliminary investigation against the country’s President Jimmy Morales and one of the members of Parliament in connection with possible financial machinations in the election.

As stated in the communiqué of the CICIG, we are talking about undeclared funding of the party «Front national convergence» before the elections of 2015 in the amount of 7.9 million Quetzales (more than $ 1 million). To start the investigation of the President by Parliament should remove the immunity.

The last time the topic of illegal financing of the presidential party went up in April of this year. Then the attorney General Thelma aldana and head of the CICIG’s Ivan Velasquez said that before the election of 2015, the party has declared to Supreme electoral court the amount of just over 3 million Quetzales received from businessmen to the campaign, but in reality, she could get 15 million Quetzales.

In September 2017 the Congress of Guatemala voted against depriving Morales of immunity from prosecution in connection with the investigation into possible financial irregularities during the elections in 2015.