The inhabitants of the Northern regions of Russia will be able to see a partial Eclipse of the Sun

© AP Photo / Keith LadzinskiСолнечное Eclipse. Archival photoThe inhabitants of the Northern regions of Russia will be able to see a partial Eclipse of the Sun© AP Photo / Keith LadzinskiПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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A partial Eclipse of the Sun, visible from Northern regions of Russia, began at 11.02 GMT in the Atlantic ocean near the Labrador Peninsula, at 11.40 GMT penumbra of the moon will enter the territory of Russia, moving from the Murmansk region in the South-East.

«The maximum Eclipse reaches the point of 70.4 degrees North latitude, of 174.5 degrees East longitude. Maximum phase of the Eclipse on the Earth, equal to 0.74 will come at 12.46 GMT on sunset near Wrangel island and Chukotka (0,736). But even with such a phase will not be visible to the darkening of the sky,» the astronomers say the Moscow planetarium.

Solar eclipses occur only when the Moon is between Earth and Sun (new moon phase). Eclipse, where earth’s surface intersects only the lunar penumbra (the shadow cone and its extension do not intersect the earth’s surface) is called private.

In scope of the Eclipse enter the territory of Russia, except for the South-Western districts, where the Moon held in the sky by the Sun, and the Chukotka Peninsula and Kamchatka, where the Sun will manage to go beyond the horizon.

In scope of the Eclipse will be North and East of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. In China at 14.31 GMT a solar Eclipse on Earth will end.

A truly beautiful spectacle of a full lunar Eclipse was observed on July 27, 2018 and was one of the most interesting and favorable in the European part of Russia for several years. Despite the short summer night, the phenomenon was seen from the beginning to the end, and only in the North-West the Moon was rising over the horizon in the initial phases of the Eclipse.

Only in the XXI century will happen 225 lunar eclipses, 85 of which are full, and of these total of only six, whose length is more than three and a half hours.

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