The reasons for the crisis in relations between Russia and Greece is not, said the analyst

© Photo : archive of A. Householdsand Gusev, Director of the Institute of strategic planning and forecasting. Archive photoThe reasons for the crisis in relations between Russia and Greece is not, said the analyst© Photo : archive of A. Gusev

The current complications in relations between Greece and Russia go beyond the bilateral agenda, it is not excluded that the decision on the expulsion of diplomats, and also about a possible recall of the Greek Ambassador from Russia could be taken into account the impact of the European Union and partners in NATO, but the apparent reason for such a crisis was not, said RIA Novosti Director of the Institute of strategic planning Alexander Gusev.

A source in the Greek government told RIA Novosti on Friday that the foreign Ministry of Greece withdraws from Moscow its Ambassador Andreas Fryganas. According to him, in the coming days Fryganas return to Athens, and in Moscow will be sent another Ambassador, but it is not known when it will happen. Information about the recall of the Greek Ambassador confirmed to a diplomatic source. The official comment of the foreign Ministry to get so far failed.

«We have always had quite warm relations with the Republic of Greece, and what is happening now in the bilateral relations is the fact of the hands of the ordinary. Because withdraw ambassadors, when there is something extremely serious, in fact, begin war. There are a number of questions: what happened, what was the reason for such relationships, the apparent reason for this was not» — said the expert.

The Greek foreign Ministry on Friday issued a statement in connection with the retaliatory measures of Russia on the expulsion of Russian diplomats. The Greek foreign Ministry called Russia a «friend of Turkey-in-arms,» said that Moscow has steadily moved away from the position corresponding to the level of friendship and cooperation that characterized relations between Greece and Russia over 190 years. According to Athens, Russia is not aware that Greece has its own interests and criteria in international politics. Athens has described Moscow’s response «arbitrary and vindictive».

Gusev stressed: it is necessary to remember that Greece is part of EU, she supported the introduction of sanctions against Russia, and the last move should consider including in the direction of relations between Moscow, Brussels and Washington.

«The Greeks are very strong influence that European leaders, they also don’t want to fight with US — after all, it is necessary to consider that Greece is a NATO member. And the Americans are now crushed and will to do so. It all goes in one canvas, and the situation should not be viewed only in the context of relations between Russia and Greece, and generally in the context of relations between Russia and the European Union, the countries-members of NATO. Here is not visible tendencies of Russian-Greek relations, there is much wider and deeper,» — said the expert.

According to him, to say that the parties will quickly find a way «out of this turbulent state is now difficult». It can be expected that Moscow will take a number of steps to normalize relations, and it is possible that this goal will be consultations, suggested the expert.

«If it’s not possible to do and if it is confirmed information about the recall of the Ambassador, there’s always the tough one: I believe that Russia will adequately respond to these unfriendly steps,» — said Gusev.