The Russian space Agency has assured Angola in compliance with the contract to build new satellite

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Roscosmos confirmed Angola plans to produce and launch a satellite Angosat-2 created instead of lost, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Corporation.

At the end of April, RKK «Energy» admitted the loss of the spacecraft when the Angosat-1, built for Angola and launched into orbit in late 2017. As reported, communication with the satellite was lost almost immediately after launch. The machine was insured for $ 121 million at a cost of 252 million dollars. To replace a lost phone Russia promised at his own expense to build a new satellite.

«Held talks with Director General of state Corporation «Rosatom» Dmitry Rogozin, Minister of communications and information technologies of the Republic of Angola, josé Carvalho da Rocha. From the Russian side the meeting was attended by representatives of the state Corporation «Rosatom», JSC «Rosoboronexport», JSC «RSC «Energia». The parties confirmed their commitment to fulfill the obligations of the satellite launch «Angosat-2″ deadline», — have informed in a press-service.

It said that during negotiations, the parties discussed other issues, including those associated with the formation of the necessary normative-legal base for bilateral cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

As previously reported, the launch of the Angosat-2 is planned for 30 months from the date of recognition April 24, 2018 the fact that the loss of the first phone.

Earlier it was reported that the manufacturer of the satellite RKK «Energy» sent to the insurance company the necessary documents to receive the insurance payout for the failed satellite Angosat-1.

Export contract for Angosat-1 the sum of 327,6 million dollars was signed on 26 June 2009 between the Ministry of telecommunications and information technologies of Angola and Rosoboronexport. A contractor was appointed Corporation «Energy». In 2011, Vnesheconombank, Eximbank of Russia, VTB and Gazprombank concluded with the Ministry of Finance of Angola loan agreement, under which African country was given a credit line on 278,46 million dollars for a period of 13 years. In the end 252,5 million dollars went into the production of the satellite, another $ 20.8 million — to lease orbital position. Full-scale development of the satellite began in late 2013. In 2015, in Luanda, began construction of the mission control center of the satellite. Ground infrastructure built by Angola and a cost of $ 54.3 million.

Previous satellite production RKK «Energy» out of service in 2015. It was manufactured for Egypt, the spacecraft remote sensing EgyptSat-2. It has failed because of the refusal of the onboard computer less than a year after launch, while in the control of Egyptian specialists. Currently, the company is building a satellite to replace him. In addition to EgyptSat-2, in 2015, down came two more satellites of the Russian production, built for foreign customers. It was AMOS-5, created by «Information satellite systems» name Reshetnev» for Israel and «Condor-e», made for South Africa in the Corporation «NPO Mashinostroyenia».