Venezuela condemned the EU for not recognizing the attempt on Maduro

© AP Photo / Hpestilence of security during the assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. 4 August 2018Venezuela condemned the EU for not recognizing the attempt on Maduro© AP Photo / Xinhua

The Venezuelan government condemns the European Union for refusing to recognize the reality of the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro, said Friday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the country.

«The European Union continues to be trapped in their irrational and colonial rhetoric, not recognizing that terrorist acts, which were intended to encroach on the lives of not only constitutional President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro, but also on the life of the higher state officials, senior military leadership and members of the diplomatic corps who attended the event, with the aim to start a process of violence and disrupt the political stability that have appeared since the election of the National constituent Assembly», — said in a communique of the foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the European external action service called on Caracas to conduct a transparent investigation into the attack with the use of drones during the parade last Saturday, which was attended by President Maduro, and to recognize the powers of opposition of the Parliament – National Assembly.

As reported by the Minister of communication and information of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, on Saturday during a military parade in Caracas to the podium, where Maduro has sent several drones with explosives. According to him, in the attempt on Maduro injured seven guards, the President was not injured. Maduro himself accused in the assassination of opposition and President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Colombia has denied involvement in the incident.

The entire Venezuelan authorities conduct an investigation against 25 people that can be involved in the attack. Some of them are already detained, the rest are wanted, including requests for extradition of suspects from Colombia and the United States.