Forum oldest towns in Ryazan will host representatives from 40 cities in the world

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova photolanguage in Russia. Ryazan. Archival photoForum oldest towns in Ryazan will host representatives from 40 cities in the world© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

More than 1.5 thousands of tourists and representatives of more than 40 cities in the world, founded over 500 years ago, will arrive in Tucson on the I international forum for ancient cities.

The first international forum for ancient cities in Ryazan will take place from 12 to 19 August. The purpose of the forum is consolidation of the Russian and international community around the idea of preservation and development of ancient cities, the development of interethnic and intercultural interaction. According to the Minister of culture and tourism of the Ryazan region Vitaly Popov, the first forum will be a platform where non-stop to discuss the problems of ancient cities.

According to Popov, to participate in the forum claimed more than 40 ancient cities, including the towns of Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Uzbekistan, France, Belarus, Turkey, Estonia, Armenia, Serbia. From the Russian cities will be the delegation of Moscow, Vladimir, Kaluga, Tula, Tver, Kerch, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Kasimov, Pronsk, Ryazhsk and other.

The forum program

The forum program will consist of two parts: business (School of ancient cities for professionals and enthusiastic) and cultural (Festival for citizens and guests of the city), said the regional Minister.

Popov said that the forum will start with the international conference «Historical and cultural heritage — a guarantee for sustainable development of ancient cities», which will be attended by the representatives of the heritage Council of the Union of architects of Russia, Central Council of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture. The alleged experts from Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Turkey, Uzbekistan.

«Ryazan for the first time will be a platform to discuss the problems of ancient cities,» — said Popov in the press center MIA «Russia today».

The conference will include a round table plenary session and the exhibition «the Architectural heritage, the preservation and development of ancient cities: the experience of regions». Among the topics were the system of protection of cultural heritage, modern challenges, ancient cities, cultural routes, historic towns, and much more.

The forum will also host a meeting of delegations of the participating cities and the opening ceremony of the embassies of ancient cities, where you can learn about them, participate in quizzes, contests, see performances, explained Popov.

In the gastronomy program of the forum will be attended by representatives of 14 cities from eight countries. With presentations by experts from Greece, Armenia, Russia, Spain, Estonia, Uzbekistan. The themes of tourism as the hospitality industry, practical experience of development of gastronomic tourism, prospects of tourism in the ancient cities of the world, international cooperation.

Along with the plenary session scheduled to hold master classes for professionals of the restaurant industry, residents and visitors alike. There will also be a round table on «the Ancient city: problems and prospects» with wide international participation.

Along with business program August 16-18, will be held cultural program of the forum at three sites of Ryazan, which will feature theatrical and musical performances, the presentation of the collection of folk costumes, dances and songs of peoples of the world, concerts, ensembles.

The forum will end with a procession of ancient cities, during which the streets of Ryazan will turn into an impromptu river which will be symbolic of sailing ships from different countries — participants of the forum to approach the walls of the Ryazan Kremlin. The forum will end with a gala concert of participating cities.

Cultural and business communication

The Ryazan region Governor Nikolai Lyubimov at a press conference said that during the forum there will be a business meeting of the leadership of the Ryazan region with all the representatives of ancient cities, and then maybe a bilateral meeting.

«We are interested in cooperation in cultural-historical terms, and in business. Sometimes the little we know about each other. Our city and foreign city sometimes these interesting things are, about which you never heard of sometimes. This is very important from the point of view of the interpenetration of cultural, understanding of each other. And in the business plan sometimes know little about each other,» — said Lyubimov.

He noted that the region is looking forward to developing business relations between the region and representatives of ancient cities and among the business community.

According to Lyubimov, the forum will be attended by a number of ancient cities mayors and other distinguished guests.

«He confirmed his arrival as Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the Central Federal district Igor Shchegolev. I hope to visit at least received preliminary consent and of the head of the Federal tourism Agency. I hope for the arrival of other guests. UNESCO international guests should come… (Chapter FADH) Igor Barinov also have to come. Hope this will be of interest to our guests,» — said Lyubimov

More than a thousand tourists

In the days of the forum Ryazan expects more than 1.5 thousand tourists, said Lyubimov. The forum events will be attended by about 500 guests. Hotels of Ryazan ready to receive guests, rooms sufficient, assured the head of the region.

According to Popov, in Ryazan now hosts many one-day events. Forum ancient cities will be the first multi-day event and, according to Popov, will be largely indicative of the region. He noted that the specially selected almost all possible areas of tourist attraction: concerts, theatre the metropolis, an extensive business section, discussing architecture, gastronomy.

«All of these trends come the world’s leading experts. We expect that will come to us in all directions people who are interested in ancient cities, their history, and, of course, be sure to show the Ryazan and the Ryazan region», – said Popov.