In Chukotka found murdered endangered polar bear

© Photo : national Park «Beringia» White bear. Archive photoIn Chukotka found murdered endangered polar bear© Photo : national Park «Beringia»

Dead polar bear was found Sunday on the coast of the Chukchi sea, told RIA Novosti expert on the conservation of polar bears, Viktor Nikiforov.

«Today, 12 August, observers from the village of ryrkaypiy, making a detour of the coast of the Chukchi sea, found in 23 kilometers to the West of the village of the deceased young polar bear is a protected species listed in the Red book of Russia», — said Nikiforov.

According to him, the approximate age of the animal was 2.5 years. As the skins of observers have suggested that the polar bear was shot and killed, body found two holes similar to bullet wounds. They also expressed hope that law-enforcement agencies of Chukotka will make every effort to discover the perpetrators of this and other dead polar bears.

«2017 last year gave us a record figure for the detection of poaching on the polar bear. In Chukotka in the Providence district, the police found in the container once six polar bear skins also the skins pop up in Khabarovsk and Amur region. In addition, the remains of six dead polar bears were found on the Yamal», — said Nikiforov.