In Japan can allow drone deliveries in sparsely populated areas

© AP Photo / Shizuo KambayashiЯпония. Archival photoIn Japan can allow drone deliveries in sparsely populated areas© AP Photo / Shizuo Kambayashi

The Ministry of transport of Japan may through August to allow the delivery of small packages in sparsely populated areas with drones, writes in the Sunday newspaper «Asahi».

According to sources of the newspaper, for security until it is about delivery only to remote island and mountain settlements with few inhabitants. In addition, shipping companies will have to organize a special protected place for landing of the UAV, where the recipients will have to come for the parcels.

The Ministry also plans to oblige shipping companies to install on drones special weather sensors that would codify a change in the conditions, and cameras for flight tracking and emergency landings outside of the planned route.

The exact list of correspondence for delivery by drones is not yet defined.

The newspaper does not exclude that in the future this type of delivery can also be used at liquidation of consequences of natural disasters.