In Primorye, the underwater hunter don’t split the loot with a two-meter shark

CC0 / PIRO-NOAA Observer Program / Pacific porbeagle. Archival photoIn Primorye, the underwater hunter don’t split the loot with a two-meter sharkCC0 / PIRO-NOAA Observer Program /

Stir with a two-meter shark at competitions in underwater hunting in Primorye happened due to the fact that one of the participants did not want to give her their prey is caught in the standings of the competition the fish, told RIA Novosti President of the Federation of underwater sports of Primorsky Krai, Dmitry Anashkin.

According to him, the participant spearfishing Alexander Shirin pulled out a wounded fish from the shark’s jaws, this incident could end the trouble, but in the end neither man nor a predatory fish was not injured.

«The competitions were held in underwater hunting. Party shot yellowtail is a fish type tuna. Came porbeagle 2-2,5 meters and wanted to eat the yellowtail. Underwater hunter did not want to give her, snatched from her mouth for your fish, panic. Came to the boat and scared the shark. The shark had bitten fins hunter, but gone. Suffered neither a shark nor a hunter,» — said Anashkin.

According to the President of the Federation, the fish is put in the competition standings, Shirin eventually took second place.

«It was a porbeagle. She could bite and kill the person», — stressed the danger of such situation, the interlocutor of the Agency.