Japan will take on the work of brother puppy Akita-inu, presented to Zagitova

© AFP 2018 / Alexander Zemlianichenko / POOLРоссийская skater Alina Sagitova with puppy Japanese Akita inu. Archival photoJapan will take on the work of brother puppy Akita-inu, presented to Zagitova© AFP 2018 / Alexander Zemlianichenko / POOL

The puppy of breed Akita-inu named at Sendai, which has a brother Masaru – puppy, given to Russian figure skater Aline Sagitova, will begin work in the «House of communication with the Akita-inu» in Japanese Odate Akita Prefecture, said the head of promotion Department of tourism local administration, Potosi Kawakami.Japan will take on the work of brother puppy Akita-inu, presented to Zagitova© 2018 AFP / Alexander Zemlianichenko / POOLПодаренный Sagitova puppy increased the number of visitors to the «Home of the Akita inu» twice

«Because of the large influx of visitors in recent months has increased the load on the two dogs Akita inu who are already working in the «House of communication with the Akita-inu». We decided to take them to the aid of two dogs. One of them will be the puppy’s brother Masaru, who gave Russian figure skater Aline Sagitova at Sendai. He has taken over the service in September-October this year. His responsibilities will include receiving visitors, who will be able to pet the dog and play with it», — told RIA Novosti the official.

He explained that the city administration links the surge of interest in the breed Akita inu and a sharp increase in visitors to set up exactly a year ago, «the House of communication with the Akita-inu» with the attention paid to Japanese media reports, the puppy of breed Akita-inu, Masaru went home popular in Japan, Russian figure skater as a gift from the society for the preservation of the Akita inu and Akita Prefecture. At the ceremony, the dog, the skater was attended by Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe – he was on a visit in Russia.

«Masaru, and at Sendai is not originally from Odata, but now lives at Sendai we have in the city, he became a member of the family of our employee. At Sendai will continue to live at home, to serve in the «House» will come (as well as other employees – ed.),» explained Kawakami.

Since February, when Sagitova won the gold medal and became aware of her desire to have a dog of breed Akita-inu, the number of visitors to the «House of communication with the Akita-inu» has increased twice. Within just one year of existence of institutions, it was visited by 21 thousand people, which for a small provincial town, all with a population of 75 thousand people, is a solid figure.

Sagitova asked the parents in case of victory at the Olympics in Pyeongchang to allow her to get an Akita inu. A photo of the dog she saw while staying in Niigata Prefecture in preparation for the Olympic competitions. The prefectural government and society for the protection of dogs Akita inu suggested she give her a puppy. Girl Akita inu with a male name Masaru was transferred to Sagitova in may. Japanese television showed a girl playing with a puppy at home, takes his hands, walks in the Park.