Moscow will host a festival in honor of the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Beauparc bitter. Archival photoMoscow will host a festival in honor of the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov

Holiday festival with electronic music and performances by theatre companies Derevo and Liquid Theatre in honor of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Gorky Park will be held from 25 August to 2 September, according to the website of the mayor and government of Moscow.

Central Park of culture and rest named after Maxim Gorky, was founded in 1928. The territory from the main entrance to Neskuchny garden was designed by the Russian avant-gardist Konstantin Melnikov, while in 1932 on the Park project began working architects Alexei Shchusev and Alexander Vlasov. However, the ensemble of the main entrance to Gorky Park was built in 1955, on its creation worked the architects Yury Shchuko and Assen Spasov. The entrance was created in the image of a triumphal arch, symbolizing the Soviet Victory in the great Patriotic war.

«In honor of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Gorky Park Moscow Department of culture held a gala festival. It will run from 25 August to 2 September. Its main topics are art, childhood, sports, theater, music, knowledge and kindness. Their performances have prepared a theatrical company Liquid Theatre and Derevo, composer and pianist Peter Aidu, the creators of light installations and video-art Stereotactic», — stated in the message.

Added that the festival will be located throughout the Park Gorky, and the Golitsyn pond for walks will establish a giant pontoon in the number 90. Its area will be about 1.7 thousand square meters. In addition, in the Moscow Museum of modern art on August 15 starts timed to the anniversary exhibition.

The festival starts with performances of the project Liquid Theatre: 25 and 26 August, they will show their ideas at the main entrance to the Park. In the play «Flowers/Handel,» they will combine Opera with the techniques of street dance and theater. In addition, on August 30 with a performance of «Midnight balance» will be the laureate of «Golden mask» Anton Adasinsky and his Derevo troupe. A makeshift stage for the artists will be sandy beach and the Pionersky pond in the Park.

It is reported that on August 31 on a pond appears pontoons mounted with pianos. And September 1, on Pushkinskaya embankment planned concert of electronic music accompanied by video art from the team of Stereotactic and performance of the Madrid indie-rock band Hinds. On the last day of the festival citizens will see performances of the groups On the Go, The Soul Surfers, the Musya Totibadze and the moon. The scene is set in the Central bowl of the fountain.