Near Yalta burned reserve forest

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotobanka. Archival photoNear Yalta burned reserve forest© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

Fire in the mountain and forest reserve over Yalta Sunday morning extinguish two helicopters with spillway devices and up to 100 personnel, it is expected the arrival of one helicopter, reported RIA Novosti news Agency the assistant to the chief of the Crimean management of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia Vladimir Ivanov.

The message on a fire in the forest above Yalta came on the eve of 16.23. Strong wind and inaccessible mountain terrain is complicated its suppression in the reserve over Yalta, the area of the fire on Saturday night was 1.5 hectares.

«At 05.30 am working to combat fire in the area of emergency began in and from the air. To the emergency flew the aircraft, the helicopter MI-8 of EMERCOM of Russia, which, as at 09.00 hours. Made 10 discharges water in the fire. Continued discharge of water through spillway devices. In addition, 09.00 work has been joined by another helicopter MI-8 southern regional center of EMERCOM of Russia», — said Ivanov.

He noted that soon in the area of fire will arrive another helicopter of the emergencies Ministry of the Rostov-on-don. According to foresters, the fire area increased to 15 hectares.

«Exploration of the scene of an emergency unmanned aerial vehicles gave its result, as the night the wind changed its direction and in the gorge formed a strong smoke. Also the fire came into the valley on a stretch of rocky terrain, where the usual technique is to pass not. The personnel have to work in front of the fire in the conditions of hot weather and heavy smoke,» — said Ivanov.

To extinguish the fire in Yalta attracted by the staff of forestry, emergency, group «Crispus», and 40 employees of Regardie and 15 volunteers. Ivanov said that the security personnel water was built a dam on the mountain river, to Carter to come down from the mountains on rough roads to the water bodies in the city.

At the moment to predict the time localization and extinguishing the fire difficult, said Ivanov. Rescuers hope that the arrival of the third helicopter MI-8 will help reverse the situation and to cope with the ignition of a coniferous forest in extremely difficult terrain.

The fires of coniferous forests in gorge Uch-Kosh in the mountains above Yalta occurred earlier in dry years. Their liquidation was complicated by rugged terrain and strong wind. The causes of the fire became the natural factors and human activity. At the end of April and in may 2018 foresters and employees of the Yalta mountain-reserve liquidated the fire on the territory of Livadia forest area on the slopes of the plateau AI-Petri.