Poor Americans finally broke trump with the UN

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The UN special envoy on poverty and human rights Philip Al has presented a report according to which nearly 40 million Americans live in poverty, with 18.5 million extreme poverty and 5.3 million — into absolute poverty, characteristic of most underdeveloped countries of the third world. In Washington, the document was called «incorrect, inflammatory and irresponsible». About another conflict between the United States and the United Nations — in the material RIA Novosti.

A country of stark contrasts

The basis of the report of the Al went to the official statistics and discussions of the special representative of the UN with economists, sociologists and social workers of the United States. The result is shocking: amid the General distress in the United States recorded the highest child poverty and infant mortality rates comparable among member States of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

The document notes that life in USA is shorter and heavier than in other rich democracies. Becoming more and more widespread tropical diseases eradicated in the developed countries.

«In the United States very low level of voter registration in comparison with other OECD members — underlines the special representative of the UN, but the highest level of obesity in the civilized world.» The author of the report also indicates that in the background of one crying in the number of poor in the country is home to more than 25 per cent of the 2208 world’s billionaires.

Al notes that the U.S. is now drastically changing economic conditions in connection with the ongoing trump tax reform: «the New policy provides considerable tax benefits and financial incentives for very rich people and major corporations that will be partly paid for by reducing social security benefits for the poor. In addition, it is planned to implement a radical program of deregulation of financial, environmental, health and economic security that will dramatically reduce the level of security of the middle class and poor Americans.»

According to him, reforms trump will be deprived of 20 million middle and poor opportunities to acquire health insurance and create new barriers to obtaining social benefits.

«High rates of child poverty mean that this social disease to be passed from generation to generation, and the American dream turn into the American illusion. Equality of opportunity, which is so valued in theory, in practice is a myth, not only for minorities and women, but for many white middle-class,» says Al.

Special area

The al was struck by the visit to Puerto Rico. «If it were an independent state, it would be considered one of the poorest in the world, says the UN special envoy. But it is not a state, it’s just a «territory» («unincorporated organized territory», which is under the control of the United States, not being their integral part. — Approx. ed.), especially where the clearly visible link between poverty and lack of political rights: Puerto Ricans do not have a representative in Congress and cannot vote in presidential elections.»

At the referendum on 6 November 2012, 65 percent of the islanders voted for the transformation of Puerto Rico into the 51st U.S. state. However, this requires an act of Congress and he is in no hurry.

Al notes that many of his interlocutors in Puerto Rico are sure: the USA colonized their territory and deliberately try to save the situation, when Puerto Ricans have no representation in the legislature of the United States, nor the right to full self-government. «There is good reason for the Committee on decolonization of the United Nations to conclude that Puerto Rico is no longer self-governing territory,» says Al.

You’re lying!

To say that the Washington report of Al is not pleased, to say nothing. The administration of the trump denounced the document as «incorrect, inflammatory and irresponsible».

To «restore the truth», the United States presented to the UN’s own document. «The world knows that the US economy is the biggest, most influential and most innovative on the planet, says. — Now the country is entering a new era of economic growth and prosperity. The administration of the tramp is fighting for American jobs and supports those who provide economic development. Unfortunately, the report of Mr Al not paying enough attention to current policy aimed at stimulating economic growth.»

The example concerns the administration of the trump of citizens of the U.S. side, in particular, mentions a grant program to assist the homeless.

«The current US administration to stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in supporting real solutions to the housing problem for those who otherwise would be forced to live in shelters or on the street,» says Washington.

A significant part of the American response to Al is allotted to the description of the situation in Puerto Rico. «It is groundless to assert, as does the special representative of the United Nations that Puerto Rico «is no longer self-governing territory», when in fact its people enjoy broad democratic rights, the document says. — In addition, the U.S. administration has allocated more than 18 billion dollars to restore the island after natural disasters».

Trump advice needed

This conflict is most acute during the whole history of relations between the U.S. and the UN, remained hidden from the General public, yet the American media has not got a draft of the official US response to the publication of the report of the Al with a review of economic advisors trump.

In particular, next to the statement that the US «has entered a new era of economic growth and prosperity», one of the experts wrote: «This era has been ongoing for eight or nine years, began under Obama. We inherited it, and then expanded, but this will end in big problems after one or two years. So I wouldn’t mention it».

In the commentary to the passage about grants to assist homeless unknown expert says, «huge waiting list, not sure that’s our trump card». And about American assistance to Puerto Rico, the commentator proposes to compare these costs with money allocated for assistance to residents of the U.S. mainland: «I’m pretty sure that the 18 billion is nothing compared to that obtained in the mainland. You should consider this argument again.»

Struck Puerto Rico in September 2017 hurricane «Maria» has killed more than 1,400 people, while the US said about 64 dead. Scientists at Harvard University studied the effects of the disaster, found that one-third of the victims could have been avoided if the island had a normal system of care. Total damage to infrastructure in Puerto Rico from hurricane exceeded $ 90 billion.

Reporters noted that trump ignored the comments of economic advisers. And not for the first time.

The same opinion

Meanwhile, evaluation of the Philip Al constantly reaffirmed by all the new data. So, analysts of «Oxford Economics» examine the spending of U.S. households, found that 60 percent of US citizens are actually working to maintain their traditional way of life, without any prospects for its improvement. «Many people still live from paycheck to paycheck,» stated study leader Gregory Daco, head of the Department of the US economy at Oxford.

Investment Bank Morgan Stanley has estimated that at a relatively low economy-wide inflation at 2.4 per cent per annum one item of expenditure is a heavy burden on virtually every adult in America: the price of gasoline in the United States for the year grew by 24 percent. «This increase will probably eat a third of the savings from the population as a result of recent tax cuts,» — noted analysts of the Bank.

Renowned economist Thomas Piketty, author of the bestseller «Capital in the twenty-first century», found that real incomes of the half of American households are now at the level of 1971. «The average income before taxes and deductions is only 16 thousand dollars. While one percent of the richest average income before taxes reaches $ 1.3 million,» — said the economist.