Rescuers have established contact with a locked in the Altai mountains tourists

© Fotolia / jura_taranikАлтайские mountains. Archival photoRescuers have established contact with a locked in the Altai mountains tourists© Fotolia / jura_taranik

Rescuers established a stable connection with the travelers, locked in the mountains of the Altai Republic, said on Sunday the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

As previously reported, the SOS signal was received from the Ust-Koksa district — tour group of four people in distress on a mountain top with AK-Kem (4100 m). Extra to help the tourists, not the weather — in the mountains the rain turns into snow, and strong winds.

«Every three hours, the tourists who are in need of assistance on top of the AK-Kem (Republic of Altai), get in touch with rescuers. From the latest information it became known that the injuries in men. Based on the characteristics of the area, tourists made shelter from the weather. The group has a supply of food and gas, with the help of which tourists drown the ice. To descend from the top of the tourists will not be able, affects physical fatigue», — stated in the message.

Rescuers support the tourists, informed of the action taken and the weather forecast, give recommendations on how to retain heat and internal energy, save the radio.

According to the head of the Altai search and rescue team of EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Ovsienko, tourists and experienced in the implementation of all recommendations will be able to hold out until the arrival of assistance.

«It’s important not to limit yourself to a drink and the water they have. In the mountains, in fact, winter can melt the ice. Dehydrated tourists are not threatened. We understand from communication, experienced travelers, know where they are, and also trying to hold out until the arrival of assistance,» said Ovsienko.

The leadership of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia made a decision to shift the Mi-8 helicopter from Krasnoyarsk to Kemerovo. This will allow, in favorable weather as quickly as possible to fly to the location of the tourists.