«Some become infertile». Revelation female bodybuilders

© Photo : personal archive Natalia Batova Betweenmalta«Some become infertile». Revelation female bodybuilders© Photo : from personal archive Natalia Batosai

They sit for months on a strict diet, three days before the competition refused to even from water. On stage, unable to faint, and after the show — go to the hospital. And in order to become the «iron lady» as it is called showing bodybuilders may. In a replica of the «figure like a man» they do not respond. Sometimes can be sarcastic: «have You seen such muscular guys?»

Women who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding, told RIA Novosti about what is being sacrificed to the relief of the body.

«Sometimes in the hall to go to the window and cry»

When the master of sports of international class in bodybuilding, the quadruple champion of Russia Natalia Batova in tight dress and high heels walks into a cafe, in her turn. Attention athlete is abhorrent, but to deny yourself the pleasure to wear a summer dress open she can’t.

Fainting on stage routine. The entrance to the hall is necessarily on duty a few ambulances. And they are not. But Natalia assures that for all twenty years of sports career in a faint did not fall even once: «If you feel that you may faint, squeeze in a Cup of lemon juice and drink a SIP. Acid leads to life.»

However, there are some tragic cases. In 2012, says Batov, one of the athletes died in the night after the speech, could not stand the heart. «I can’t say that I was her death scared. Rather, this tragedy once again reminded me how important it is to listen to your body. Any sport means you need to bring yourself to the peak. But it should be done wisely,» says she.

«For the victory ready for anything»

In his youth Natalia Batova weighed 49 pounds and considered himself indecently thin. Even wore t-shirts two sizes larger to hide the protruding scapula. In a rocking chair looked randomly went with a friend to the gym and got the wrong door.

«It is now in the gym a lot of girls. Then, in the 1990s, girls came there for the sole purpose of Dating. Then the guys from the club told me that to them I was a local landmark: the eyes did not build, flirted, went into the hall and right behind the bar. They even took friends to see me,» he says.

Clarify that her passion think the relatives of the men. «You mean potential mothers-in-law? Well, to be honest, with mothers rarely introduced me. But in those cases, when it comes down to it, everybody likes me. Tops and short dresses I family night not wear. And the person I sociable, cheerful,» she says personal.

A year ago her life changed dramatically in 41 years Natalia gave birth to a daughter. For women engaged in bodybuilding, it is a miracle. «Due to diet and hormonal drugs nine out of ten female athletes to stop menstruating — says Natalya. I have also not been several years, but then the body learned to recover. Me to come in female form and become pregnant, it only took six months. However, some of the bodybuilders even after several years of practice will forever remain fruitless.»

«The voice coarsens not from steroids»

Catherine Vovnenko engaged in bodybuilding since I was 19. Then she quit Smoking and began to rapidly gain weight. «I thought that to lose weight, only in a rocking chair. And it was other way around: if I weighed 75 kilograms, now ninety» — shrugs Kate.

She, like most bodybuilders women, quite a low voice. Coarsened he’s not from taking hormones. As explained by the athlete, for the normal functioning of the vocal cords important fat. If his body low, ligament thinning, the voice coarse. «The fact that women, after many years of training become like men, are not always the result of taking steroids, says kulturistka. — For example, due to loads pumped cheekbones, they become more exposed. But there is compelling evidence of the drugs, strongly defined eyebrows, push forward the lower jaw. For these women we watch with sadness. Understand that this is often an irreversible process». By the way, the veins also a symptom of hormonal drugs.

Vovnenko recognized that of all the relatives from bodybuilding she tried to dissuade only mother: «She was afraid that I will turn into a masculine woman. Dad, on the contrary, always supported me, proud. When he came home, asked me to pose, show muscles. Even my older brother was jealous of my figure. We had a time together in the rocking chair went. But it only lasted for a month.»

«Go to the gym with my husband»

In 2013, Catherine Vovnenko took second place in the championship of Moscow on bodybuilding, and then decided to go into powerlifting. The difference between these two at first glance kindred sports a whopping. If bodybuilding is more of a beauty contest for the muscle, in powerlifting the main force.

© Photo : personal archive Catherine Vovnenko Catherine Vovnenko in the championship of Moscow on bodybuilding «Some become infertile». Revelation female bodybuilders© Photo : from personal archive Catherine Vovnenko Catherine Vovnenko in the championship of Moscow on bodybuilding

«On the bench press bar from chest I put the record of 117.5 kg, — does not hide the pride Kate. — To compare? Well how much do you weigh? Sixty? Consider that I raised the two of you…»

Questions from the «girl and you drive me home carry?» Vovnenko hears regularly. In Facebook she even has a photo where she lifts Michael Koklyaev, the strongest man in Russia.

«Really to compete with men in strength I certainly will not. At a party we organised a joke competition — anyone could compete with me on hand. I won only a few guys. Although it is clear that the weak in such competition will not participate. Who likes to lose the girl?»

The men are very offended by Catherine: «At such remarks I always respond with the words of another famous bodybuilders, Natalia Truhina: «have You recently seen such beefy men?»

© Photo : personal archive Catherine Vovnenko Catherine Vovnenko«Some become infertile». Revelation female bodybuilders© Photo : from personal archive Catherine Vovnenko Catherine Vovnenko

As proof, she voiced the size of his biceps — 38 inches. The average male, this figure rarely rises above thirty. And Arnold Schwarzenegger in the best years was fifty-five.

Athlete sure muscular women like all men, only some are afraid to admit it: «Fans had a lot. When my husband saw for the first time, afraid to let go. Now we even workout together».

Now Catherine, like Natalia, preparing for a competition in Singapore. She has no doubt that the Russian «iron lady» will perform very well.