Trump called his former assistant «pathetic»

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The US President Donald trump has described as «pathetic» his former assistant to Omarosa Maniga Newman, who in his new book of memoirs called the American leader a «racist», suffering from «mental illness,» the newspaper writes USA Today.

This statement trump made at a rally of bikers in Bedminster. After shaking hands with the participants, the President asked the crowd what she thinks about the press. According to the newspaper, answering questions about Mangol-Newman and her book, trump said: «Pathetic. She’s pathetic».

Earlier it became known one detail from the text books. Mangal Newman wrote that in 2017 saw trump was chewing a sheet of paper after a meeting with his former attorney Michael Cohen in the oval office of the White house. White house staff have not confirmed the statements of the author.

The book «Unbalanced: a view from the White house trump» will be on sale in the U.S. on August 14, but now you can pre-order in online stores. In an interview with the media Mangal Newman has promised readers that in the book she tells about a lot of things in the White house that its «upset and inconvenience caused». The number of statements of ex-assistant of trump have put journalists on suspicions that during his work she was secretly taped by the President.

In the White house if trump Mangal-Newman held the position of assistant to the President and Director of communications in the office of White house liaison with the public. She was the only African-American in the administration. At the time of dismissal and trump, and the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders wished her success and thanked for the work. However, the media has reported that the White house it almost threw out.