In Samara the court arrested the pensioner, accused of extremism

© RIA Novosti / Yakov Androider courtroom. Archival photoIn Samara the court arrested the pensioner, accused of extremism© RIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev

Samara district court arrested until September 27, pensioner, ex-head of «indigenous Russian people of the Samara region»* Love Kuzaeva, accused of creating an extremist community, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

Previously SUS’k region reported about the detention in Samara Lyubov Kesaevoy, adding that against her criminal case under three articles for the accommodation of materials of an extremist nature on the Internet. On Thursday Kesaevoy, according to the regional SUCK, was indicted on five counts, including the organization of an extremist community, inciting hatred or enmity, the rehabilitation of Nazism and public incitement to separatism.

According to investigators, Kuzaeva in 2012 was created in Togliatti «Community of the indigenous Russian people of the Samara region»* for the joint Commission of extremist crimes, and in 2012-2017 was involved in her residents of the region with the aim to «overthrow the existing constitutional order and the establishment of the state of the «Russian Republic of Russia», formed exclusively of representatives of Slavic nationalities.» According SUCK, during this period, members of the extremist community has committed at least 10 crimes, posting online and distributing meetings materials calling for extremism and separatism, as well as the rehabilitation of Nazism. It is noted that Kesaevoy the Prosecutor’s office of Togliatti had repeatedly been warned, but she ignored them.

«Elect against Koshevoy preventive measure of arrest to 27 September,» the judge said.

Earlier the lawyer of the accused from International human rights group «Agora» Timur miftahutdinov reported RIA Novosti that Kesaeva believes her accusations of extremism unfounded and false. According to him, due to criminal cases of blocked pension account Kesaevoy.


* Extremist organization banned in Russia