Kiev intends to close for repairs the only checkpoint in Luhansk region

© RIA Novostieurasia at a checkpoint, the Village Lugansk in the Donbass. Archival photoKiev intends to close for repairs the only checkpoint in Luhansk region© RIA Novosti

Kiev intends to close for renovations in early September between the only checkpoint controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic territories in the Village of Lugansk, said the head of the Luhansk civil-military regional administration Yuriy Garbuz.

According to him, the checkpoint is scheduled to close from 2 to 7 September.

Garbuz said on air «Gromadsky TV» («Public TV») that his administration addressed the government with a proposal to bring to the next meeting of the contact group, the issue of suspension, «the village of the Luhansk». As explained Garbuz, during the construction of this transmission was designed so that it will cross up to 2 thousand people a day, but in the last three years of his daily cross for 10 thousand people. «Because of this, people are six or seven hours in the sun or under the rain,» are his words on the channel’s website.

According to Garbuz, in early September, with the checkpoint will remove the trailers and mount the new construction will put new asphalt, connects a network of water supply and sanitation, it is planned to spend about 1.5 million hryvnia (about 54 thousand dollars).

Border guards have also asked the authorities to increase their number to «Stanitsa Lugansk» from 24 to 40, according to the website.

By the decision of Kiev in 2015 with uncontrolled Ukrainian authorities territories of Donbas entered in the transmission mode. To enter or leave the breakaway DNI and LC is possible only through checkpoints. The LC is valid only pedestrian crossing point checkpoint «Stanitsa Lugansk». Traffic in this area no pedestrians are crossing the line of contact of the wooden structure.

Kiev intends to close for repairs the only checkpoint in Luhansk regionThe Minsk agreement