In Afghanistan, about 100 soldiers were missing after Taliban attack*

© AFP 2018 / Wakil Kaas military in Faryab provinceIn Afghanistan, about 100 soldiers were missing after Taliban attack*© AFP 2018 / Wakil Kohsar

Militants of the radical movement «Taliban»* captured Bilchiragh district in southern Afghan province of Faryab, there is no data on the whereabouts of about 100 Afghan soldiers, according to TV channel Tolo News, citing a source.

This week a representative of the camp «Shahin» Mohammad Hanif Rezai told RIA Novosti that the militants of the radical movement «Taliban»* seized a military base in Faryab province in the North-West of the country. According to local media reports, the attacks killed at least 17 Afghan army soldiers and another 12 were injured. The head of the local Council in Farabe Sibgatullah Silab Muavin said the fate of dozens of soldiers at the base remains unknown.

In Afghanistan there is a confrontation between government forces and militants of the radical Taliban*, which had previously captured significant territory in rural areas of the country and launched a major offensive against the city. In the country has increased the influence of the terrorist group «Islamic state»* (IG*). National forces of defense and security of Afghanistan is conducting nationwide joint operations to combat terrorism.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia