In Genoa in place of the rubble because of the disturbing sounds stopped working

© AFP 2018 / Andrea LeoniНа the site of the collapse of a road bridge in Genoa, ItalyIn Genoa in place of the rubble because of the disturbing sounds stopped working© AFP 2018 / Andrea Leoni

Work in the so-called «red zone» near collapsed in Genoa road bridge was suspended on Monday after the side stand structures were heard, creaking, crackle and other disturbing sounds, said the representatives of the local fire service.

Last Tuesday, about noon, one of the basic pillars and a large bridge across the motorway a10 Genoa fell on warehouses and railroad tracks. At the time of emergency on the bridge were more than 30 cars. According to official figures, the victims of this tragedy of a steel 43 persons, whose bodies were recovered from under the rubble. According to the city authorities, in hospitals there are nine injured, eight of them in serious condition. More than 600 people lost their homes because they were forced to leave their homes, located near a bridge. On Saturday in Italy has been declared national mourning, and in Genoa hosted the state funerals of the 19 victims of the tragedy.

Currently in the «red zone» and banned entry of all vehicles, and representatives of the fire service will carry out inspection of the technical condition of the viaduct.

Investigation of the causes of the collapse of a road bridge, built in 1967 by the engineer Riccardo Morandi, continues. Investigative case on the fact of an unintentional killings resulting from the destruction of this infrastructure project was opened by the Prosecutor’s office of Genoa. Chief city Prosecutor Francesco Cozzi refused to disclose details of the case, but said that in this case was «the refusal of the state from control functions» for the security of the transport infrastructure.

In parallel, the study of this question are the members of the special inspection Commission, formed Thursday by the Ministry of infrastructure and transport of Italy. The Chairman of this Board Roberto Ferrazza after the first inspection the ruins of collapsed structures stated that the cause of PE, in all probability, could be the coincidence of a number of circumstances, in particular, with the technical condition of the bridge and aging of materials.

The interior Minister of Italy, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salween Monday live popular program of the state TV channel Rai3 said that in February the inspectors of the fire Department, who conducted regular inspection of the viaduct, has revealed certain facts related to ageing of structures and referred about it to the competent authority.In Genoa in place of the rubble because of the disturbing sounds stopped working© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in potamocorbula bridge in Genoa