The Ombudsman finds out the reasons of the murder of a teenage young man in the Urals

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka. archival photoThe Ombudsman finds out the reasons of the murder of a teenage young man in the Urals© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Office of the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Sverdlovsk region began to study the history of Teens who beat to death a young man in the city Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region, told RIA Novosti the children’s Ombudsman, Igor MOROKOV.

The tenth of August in the area of a garage cooperative near the house on the street Isakova in Berezovsky’s body was found 20-year-old young man with traumatic brain injury. According to Sverdlovsk SUS’k of involvement in the crime suspected four teenagers 14-16 years old. In one company with them there was also a 13 year old girl, pointed out a consequence.

Currently, SK clarifies the role of each of the alleged accomplices and the motive for the crime. Previously convicted teen in custody, others were released under his own recognizance and appropriate behavior, because teenagers previously convicted, two of them, according to preliminary data, not even consisted on the account in bodies of prevention system.

«Our experts were involved, and, first and foremost, we are very interested in the story of a teenager who was previously convicted. The Commission on Affairs of minors today in their work are obliged to pay special attention to this category to work with children in order to prevent recurrence of the crime. We will look history itself and of course specifically for each person will pay attention, because the earlier the children on the account did not consist, that is, somewhere they didn’t Express themselves,» said MOROKOV.

According to him, special attention shall be paid to adolescents who did not come to the attention of inspection bodies. «This is particularly disturbing because it is a serious trend when seemingly healthy children sometimes fall in history when the brutality is off the charts. Where it comes from, you need to learn to experts in child psychology. In the specific case of this is the work of the Commission on Affairs of minors, the causes and conditions of committing such crimes. But we need very carefully to understand why it happened, find the points that provoked this ill-treatment, and arrest them,» – said children’s Ombudsman.

In order to minimize and reduce to zero the cases of juvenile crime, according to Morokova, you need to first understand the cause of aggression in minors. Also, the apparatus of Ombudsman for children will see to it that the actions of authorities should not be limited to punishment. «The most important thing is not the essence of punishment, and to make clear to these people what line they crossed. Here in these areas we will move forward with this case», – concluded MOROKOV.

The murder of 20-year-old boy in Berezovsky caused a great public resonance. On the portal local residents launched a petition urging them to punish the murderers of Dmitry Rudakov, which, as noted, was an invalid. According to the authors of the petition, against the victim was bullied because of a speech impediment. On the day of PE company of five teenagers invited Rudakova to drink beer behind the garage, where they forced him to undress, to remove the cross and put all the things in the package. After that, the Teens knocked the wheelchair on the ground, began to spit on him and urinate, then beat up. One of the Teens jumped on the young man’s head, causing him died shortly thereafter. Everything was filmed on a mobile phone of 13-year-old girl. The law enforcement students stated that it took Rudakova to the addict, so I decided to deal with it.

On Monday, local residents organize the collection of signatures to submit to the municipality a statement on the protest and publicly demand punishment for the suspects in the murder of a young man.