In RKK «Energy» has elected a new Board of Directors

© RSC «Energia» them. S. P. Korolevskaya RKK Energiya. archival photoIn RKK «Energy» has elected a new Board of Directors© RSC «Energia» them. S. P. Korolev

Elected a new Board of Directors of rocket and space Corporation (RKK) «Energy», it included 10 heads of state Corporation «Roscosmos» and acting Director General of the Corporation Sergey Romanov, said in a statement published on the website of RKK «Energy».

«As a result of a vote of shareholders on the first issue, it was decided to terminate the powers of members of the Board of Directors of JSC «RSC «Energia». In a vote of shareholders elected the new composition of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, in accordance with the Charter of JSC «RSC «Energia» included 11 people», — stated in the message.

The previous Board of Directors was elected in June. It included members of the previous leadership of the Roscosmos.

Of the 11 seats in the new Parliament place, retained only Executive Director of the Russian Federal space Agency, cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev.

As previously reported RIA Novosti source in the rocket and space industry, the Board of Directors included the first Deputy General Director of the Russian space Agency Nikolai Sevastyanov, who was President of Corporation «Energy».