Italy found missing due to flood of tourists

© Flickr / Floris M. OosterveldФлаг Italy. Archival photoItaly found missing due to flood of tourists© Flickr / Floris M. Oosterveld

Three Italians who went missing in the heavy floods in the southern Italian region of Calabria, alive, they were not injured, said local authorities.

Monday in the Calabrian Pollino national Park on the tour were two tour groups totalling about 40 people. Due to heavy rains the level occurring in the Park of the mountain river, Raganello suddenly soared, many tourists washed away by a rapid water flow. At the emergency profit fire-fighters, officers of the Civil defence (CD) and the carabinieri, who managed to rescue about 20 people.

According to the head of regional service of the FIRST of Calabria, Carlo Tansi, the death toll was ten. Another 15 people were injured, 11 of them are currently hospitalized.

Until recently, missing were considered, three young tourists from the neighboring region of Puglia. But on Tuesday revealed that they are located in mountainous areas without mobile telephony. They are all alive and healthy. Thus, in the list of missing persons compiled by the Calabrian service, had no names.

«99.9% we are confident that missing among the people who were in the area of Raganello, no more», — said the Minister for the environment of Italy, Sergio Costa, who on Tuesday arrived at the emergency.

Earlier Tuesday, in the service of the FIRST of Calabria, RIA Novosti reported that the number of deaths as a result of the flood the Russians with the rescuers there. In the Prefecture of the province of Cosenza RIA Novosti said that the list of tourists who were wounded and are currently in hospitals of Calabria, citizens of the Russian Federation is also no.