Scientists checked out quantum physics on a intergalactic scale

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Physicists have successfully tested the principles of quantum physics, using ancient light generated by three giant black holes in distant galaxies. Their findings were presented in the journal Physical Review Letters.

«Suppose that in the Universe there is a «conspiracy», through which all the unusual properties of the quantum world actually arose as a result of the work of some «classic» physical processes. In this case, our experiment shows that the «conspirators» faked the result already 7.8 billion years ago. It is extremely unlikely,» said Alan Guth (Alan Guth), a Nobel laureate from MIT.

The opening of the counterintuitive principles of quantum mechanics in the 20s of the last century led many physicists, including albert Einstein, to suspect that their unusual work is explained by some unknown principles and hidden variables, which can be described by the language of classical physics. In 1960 appeared a different explanation for the strangeness of quantum mechanics, articulated by the British scientist John bell.

The main argument of Einstein and his supporters was that famous physics, called «spooky action at a distance» is impossible from the point of view of the theory of relativity the phenomena that are associated with each other on a quantum level particles are farther apart at large distances, will change their properties simultaneously.

30 years after the formulation of the paradox bell found a way to test it experimentally, watching the movement and properties of the particles associated to the quantum level and moving at a great distance from each other. Over the past 30 years, physicists have conducted many experiments that consistently showed that Einstein was wrong, but many skeptics weren’t convinced.

The reason for this is one simple philosophical argument about the nature of the Universe in which we live. The followers of Einstein has put forward a very complex and interesting question – how we are free in the choice of particles that we use to conduct our measurements? It is possible that their choice is very limited, which creates the illusion of «confusion» States of the particles, which in fact is not.

Only a year ago, Guth and his colleagues have found a way to test this hypothesis, using as sources of random particles of light from two distant stars in the milky Way. This experience showed that the observed nonlocality of the quantum world on the scale of the galaxy and that entanglement works at great distances.

Having achieved success, the team Huta conducted similar experiments using a much more distant objects – quasars QSO B0350−073, QSO J0831+5245 and QSO B0422+004, active nuclei of distant galaxies in the constellations of Eridanus, Taurus and Lynx. All of these giant black holes are removed from the Earth at 7-12 billion light-years, which makes them peers of the first galaxies and stars the Universe.

Watching them with the help of two powerful telescopes in the Canary Islands, the scientists picked single photons generated by quasars, and used them as a random number generator to test bell’s inequalities.
As in the case with the stars of the milky Way, these experiments showed that calculations of Bella violated, that, as expressed in the Gut, expanding the borders of «ownership» of quantum physics to 96% of the total volume of the Universe.

According to him, the possible one, now the last test of nonlocality – the researchers plan to use a microwave background of the Universe, a kind of «echo» of the Big Bang, to conduct such experiment. His success will show that quantum physics ruled the life of all the universe since its birth, conclude the authors.