In Yaroslavl, an exhibition of the artist Sakurova

© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Cerebrate in fotobounce at Yaroslavl. Archival photoIn Yaroslavl, an exhibition of the artist Sakurova© RIA Novosti / Viktor to Cerebrate the image Bank

Exhibition graphic artist Igor Sakurova, famous for his illustrations of novels by Boris Akunin, will open in Yaroslavl on Wednesday.

The exhibition «Staying true to myself» will run through September 16, in the showroom of the Yaroslavl Union of artists.

«Sakurov known to the Russian reader, as the author of the visual embodiment of the image of Erast Fandorin and other heroes of popular novels of Boris Akunin. Illustrations and easel graphic works Sakurova made with calligraphic precision, attract, in addition to artistic merit, deep penetration into their environment and material culture of the current era,» according to the regional branch of the Union of artists of Russia.

Sakurov – one of the few artists today, «faithful pencil stroke chart, especially in book illustration, has firmly conquered by modern computer technology.» The composition of his picture is full of tiny details, none of which is random, told the Association.

«The clothes, the details of the equipment, the style of the interiors, design of carriages and cabs, the pattern on the Wallpaper, the shape of the chair in the office, the image on the button of a military uniform — all played with encyclopedic precision. Each of these works can be viewed for hours, finding all new and new elements with additional layers of meaning hidden by the author from the inattentive spectator» — describe the work Sakurova organizers.

The exhibition will feature pencil book illustrations, landscapes and portraits.

«As for the portraits, performed by I. Sakurov… they are distinguished by psychological insight and deep insight into the personal nature of the model. The author is extremely attentive to the environment that surrounds the characters in his work, meticulous in the choice of accessories and colour, in tune with the spiritual formation of each model,» — said in the message.

Sakurov was born in 1963 in Yaroslavl. He is a member of the Union of artists of Russia since 2000. Illustrates books and magazines. Since 2005 he is the permanent Illustrator of prose Akunin, for 13 years, published 30 books of the author with illustrations Sakurova. The works of the artist are in Museum meetings of Yaroslavl, in the Russian and foreign private collections.