«Aeroflot» intends to prosecute the rowdy flight to Bangkok

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotoracconti at Sheremetyevo airport. Archival photo«Aeroflot» intends to prosecute the rowdy flight to Bangkok© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

«Aeroflot» intends to seek the prosecution of aviakerosene, which threatened the passengers and tried to arrange a fight on the flight from Moscow to Bangkok, said the carrier.

On the flight of «Aeroflot» SU270, EN route from Moscow to Bangkok, there was the incident of destructive behaviour.

«The passenger of the flight, while on Board an aircraft with obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication, grossly violated the public order and rules of conduct in air transport: refused to obey lawful demands of the crew and the aircraft commander, threatened with physical violence and tried to provoke a fight with the passengers of the flight», — stated in the message.

The airline intends to seek the involvement of avideosong to justice.

The passengers assisted the crew, and the offender managed to fix the chair until the end of the flight means at hand. Upon arrival at Bangkok airport rowdy handed over to the police. Currently, the fact of the offence made materials for application in linear control of the interior Ministry at the airport «Sheremetyevo».

Aeroflot has repeatedly taken the initiative of giving the crew the power on Board of special means of restraint. According to the company, such action is permissible in order to limit the physical mobility of persons who are not afraid of any «black list» or high penalty, and their actions pose a real security threat. Thanks to the active position of the airline in the criminal code amendments toughening penalties for disorderly conduct on transport.

The airline also recalls that on 4 June 2018 year entered into force amendments to the Air code of the Russian Federation, allowing the airline companies to «black list» destructive of passengers and deny them boarding.