A court in the Urals have arrested the shooter, wounding a policeman from the balcony

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoA court in the Urals have arrested the shooter, wounding a policeman from the balcony© Fotolia / sebra

The court in Krasnoturinsk, Sverdlovsk region detained a local resident, who on Sunday opened fire from the balcony, and wounded a police officer, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of the interior Ministry in the region Valery Burnt.

Earlier it was reported that on the morning of 2 September the duty of the OVD of Krasnoturinsk, it was reported that unknown persons opened indiscriminate firing of guns on the street of Metallurgists. In place of the departed police. The man wounded one of them, but eventually was arrested. According to preliminary data, shortly before that he had a conflict with employees of a private security company, whose office is located in the building opposite.

«Today Krasnotur the court, having considered materials of the police and the regional investigative Committee, has decided to detain for a period of two months, a local resident, a suspect in indiscriminate firing from the balcony of a five-storey residential house», – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Burnt, after the arrest the man was taken for a medical examination, which showed that at the time of emergency he was in a drunken condition. A hunting rifle, traumatic gun, which the man opened fire, seized and attached to the case. The wounded police officer is now in hospital where he is given the necessary assistance, said the representative of the regional cupola MIA.