In Brazil, on the ruins of the Museum found the alleged skull of an ancient woman Luzia

© AP Photo / Renzo GostoliЧереп old woman Luzia in the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Archival photoIn Brazil, on the ruins of the Museum found the alleged skull of an ancient woman Luzia© AP Photo / Renzo Gostoli

Firefighters found the burned-out ruins on the Rio de Janeiro National Museum, a skull that may belong Luzia – the oldest human remains discovered in South America, according to the newspaper Jornal o Dia.

Skull women whose age is around 11 thousand years, was discovered in 1974 in the cave of Lapa Vermelha in Minas Gerais, Brazilian and French archaeologists. It is believed that Luzia belonged to the first inhabitants of the continent. Her remains was considered one of the most valuable exhibits of the National Museum.

Now discovery will examine the experts to determine whether the discovered skull belongs to Lusia, or talking about who died in the fire the man. It is noted that the skull was discovered on the floor in the room where he kept the other fossils.

The Globo newspaper also writes that on the ruins managed to find a picture of Marshal Rondon, the famous Brazilian Explorer of the Amazon. Despite the layer of soot, experts say about the possible restoration of paintings.

Earlier it was reported that the meteorite «Bendigo» — the largest discovered in Brazil – are not damaged in the fire at the Museum.

Broke out in a Museum fire lasted more than three hours, destroying almost the entire exposure. The Minister of culture of Brazil, Sergio Sa Leitão announced plans to restore the building.

The Museum kept more than 20 million exhibits. It was founded in 1818 by the king of Portugal Joao VI. The Museum has represented one of the largest in North and South America collections of animals, minerals, fossils, mummies, and Indian dishes.

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