Britain cannot protect its territorial waters after Brexit, the media are writing

© 2018 AFP / Daniel Leal-OlivasБиг Ben and the houses of Parliament in London, UK. Archival photoBritain cannot protect its territorial waters after Brexit, the media are writing© 2018 AFP / Daniel Leal-Olivas

Britain unable to defend its territorial waters, and after Brexit situation will become even worse, as the country does not have a sufficient number of ships, reports the Telegraph, citing a statement of former chief of naval staff of the Royal Navy, Lord Alan West, made in connection with the aggravation of «scalloping conflict» between the UK and France.

At the end of August at coast of Normandy by the French fishermen on 40 small boats attacked five British trawlers, with several clashes and competitors pelted with stones, resulting in injuries has received one ship from Scotland. The French protested against the British fishing in the area of the scallops.

«The present difficulties with the French over scallops emphasize one important question. Obviously, we do not have a sufficient number of ships to patrol the territorial sea of the United Kingdom and our exclusive economic zone. Coordination of the few that we have disconnected», — quotes the edition of the text of the letter of Vesta.

In his opinion, after Brexit situation will be «catastrophic».

«Scalloping conflict» began about 15 years ago because of dissatisfaction with the French fishermen the rules of fishing in this region scallops. British fishermen are entitled to catch these shellfish off the coast of Normandy all year round, their French counterparts is limited to the interval from October 1 to may 15. In the last five years, the tension between fishermen was on the decline due to the fact that Britain agreed to limit the number and size of its fishing vessels in catch area in exchange for some empowerment for the catch.